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L4D2 SFMaker and lemon cake lover x3

I no longer add people for safety reasons unless you give me a good reason to i need to save friend slots for actual good fans and wot not

Please keep in mind there will always be spots on L4D2 reserved for good friends of mine so if they are comming and the spots are full dont take it personally if you have to leave because there`s always another time to play :)

If you add me and never talk or play L4D2 with me or anything please unfriend me coz i need space for people who do actually wanna talk and play so yeah :)

For anyone that is interested in my story of becomming a L4D2 SFMaker? well...

Before i got L4D2 on PC at the start of 2015, i was playing it on Xbox 360 for 5 years, the first time i played it and fell in love with it i always wanted a TV series or movie of the original L4D2 story and campaigns. Hell, i was always happy to help make it happen too... So yeah when i discovered SFM and noticed nobody had tried to make a series of the orignal thing yet, so nothing fan made just the original story, characters everything that follows the game, i thought i`d give it a shot as i`ve loved the game for years and pretty much know how it all goes and everything about the story and survivors and stuff.

So after a couple of months of learning the program and making short little test films, i started to put together my first original Passing riverbank episode just for fun and to see what people thought of my humor and story telling and of course how i portray the group.

After making that final Passing episode everyone just kept saying i have to do more so it must have become a very successful start to what now is getting bigger and bigger each month...So after that Passing finale i went back to the start and began Dead Center :) about a year later i now have a fan base, more than 20 million views and more than 50k subs o.o..

Dream comming true <3

Any fans from youtube reading this thank you so much for the support, your nice youtube comments always put a smile on my face so yeah thanks for watching and being awesome and stuff :)

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This mod replaces the L4D2 survivor in-game icons to ones that Beejie Bean drew herself.
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Created by - Larson and Beejie Bean
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Hows it hangin Coach? Sneak peak of the next recordings video comin soon! out now
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KennyBear3012 4 hours ago 
KennyBear3012 4 hours ago 
i just like left 4 dead
E Jun 23 @ 11:58am 
「Obs1di4n」 Jun 22 @ 4:06am 
+rep Cute art style. hilarious videos. Amazing animated series.
wouldve hoped to play with you but enjoying the content on ur channel is good enough!
JTizzle Jun 18 @ 1:44pm 
hello im JTIZZLE KILLA AND YOU LOVED MY COMMENT ive been here since 3 thousand subs plz friend me:steamhappy:
Vipernut Jun 16 @ 10:14pm 
im fan
i have 1011 hours of left 4 dead 2
add me plez