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Posted: Jul 14, 2018 @ 2:54pm
Updated: Jul 24, 2020 @ 1:33pm

I've rewritten this review once or twice as my time with the game has continued, but I'm hoping to make this my definitive stance on things. As of 7/24/2020, I can recommend this game with some slight hesitation. Also if you want alcohol poisoning, take a shot every time I write DLC.

The DLC prices are ludicrous, I will not deny this nor will I defend it. While I do understand their need to price this with Payday 2 being their biggest cash cow, without the DLC the game is hardly the same. I would go as far as to say without the DLC you shouldn't even bother with the game. While you can still access heists you don't own through connecting to it, you can't host nor use weapons from any of the DLC. Some of the DLC weapons are insanely good or have some sort of benefit, not even beginning to touch how good the perk decks are. The game may as well be priced as $200+, because you will get a real dull experience without all of the DLC, which is a shame. However, with Payday 2 to my knowledge being their only real major success at the moment, it does make some sense from a company perspective on keeping themselves afloat.

However, if you can fork over the $200+ to get the full experience, you do get a pretty good game. There's a definite learning curve that even I haven't managed to entirely climb. I, however, am fine with this. I think having this really does offer a strong sense of accomplishment as you come back to the difficulties you struggled with when you were newer and knock it out of the park. While the grind to the top is a relentless one, and BOY does that take a while, I won't say it isn't an enjoyable path to climb. This game will have moments that make you wanna smack your head into a wall at mach 10, but for how old the game is I feel like it's held up quite well. Certainly could use better optimization though, this game can really struggle on weaker machines.

Overall, I wish there was a 'sorta thumbs up' or a star score to give this game. I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5. Worth every cent when with friends, and can be an absolute blast with the right people.
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