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(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: can I borrow
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: 1 REF
[T.B.B.L] That_551_Guy: .
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: u said it last tijme
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: need it rn
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: please :3
[T.B.B.L] That_551_Guy: k
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: ty :3
[T.B.B.L] That_551_Guy: dood
[T.B.B.L] That_551_Guy: wtf
[T.B.B.L] That_551_Guy: i cough the frisbee
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: xd
[T.B.B.L] That_551_Guy: u faq ;-;-;-;-;-;-;;--;;-
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: I helped u with ur profile...
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: :c
[T.B.B.L] That_551_Guy: ................
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: and helped u find movie
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: :^)
[T.B.B.L] That_551_Guy: k
[T.B.B.L] That_551_Guy: gimme it bak tmr
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: :O
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: I need it for a ks market gardener
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: wtf a fking bot
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: just triple airshotted
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: me
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: ....
[T.B.B.L] That_551_Guy: REALLY? xD
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: I set them to hardest lvl
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: yee
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: so fking op
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: they can predict
(T.B.B.L) Bob's Mob: like shadowburn
PinkChance me: lol
PinkChance: suck my dick
edgy oval | nope.sound: . <-- i cant even see it
study is fun: i wanna play osu now
study is fun: smh
Snowflake643: STUDY
Snowflake643: IM STUDYING
Snowflake643: U STUDY
study is fun: oki
Bro, dude, fucking, bro, dude Hell Yeah! ~ Tornado
SnowFlake643: You also swallow
stewie2k: how about
stewie2k: suck my dick
Snowflake643: how about
Snowflake643: u go fuck urself
mic broke: Hey bish
Beastie: y u insult me
Beastie: retard
Beastie: bastard
Beastie: stupid potato
Beastie: and u never had a mic wtf
mic broke: .
mic broke: wtf
mic broke: stfu
Beastie: ........................................
Beastie: u wana fight
mic broke: LOL
Beastie: bruuh
Beastie: IMA PUNCH U
mic broke: i dont fight grills
mic broke: smh
Beastie: with my weak punch
Beastie: well
Beastie: i fight anyone
mic broke: ...
Beastie: (certainly not a lie)
mic broke: LOL
mic broke: xD
Beastie: (certainly not sarcasm)
mic broke: you are so adorable

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Horae Aug 10 @ 3:12pm 
I would s u c c him
Horae Aug 10 @ 3:11pm 
I would♥♥♥♥♥♥him
Spainokey. Jul 12 @ 11:44pm 
Stop having sex with my maybelline mascara
Spainokey. Jul 12 @ 8:12pm 
how many wood (thats a wood) can a wood chuck (thats the animal) chuck (thats the animal chucking, thus it's a verb) if a wood chuck (thats the animal) would (past tense of will) chuck wood (wood chuck chucking wood)
Spainokey. Jul 12 @ 8:09pm 
how many wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck would chuck wood is the real one
MysteriousAura Jun 23 @ 7:30am 
I'M PREGNANT?! - MsRaid 2018