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6 / 33 (18%) teljesítmény elérve

Személyes teljesítmények
Feloldva: 2017. aug. 25., 0:05

Scratch the Itch

Defeated the Great itch Penalu!
Feloldva: márc. 25., 21:28

You Have (Not) Chosen Regicide

Defeated Univa!
Feloldva: márc. 31., 20:25

Sealing The Deal

Iruse is now the Sealer!
Feloldva: márc. 31., 20:26

100+ Damage In A Single Blow!

Show 'em what you're made of!
Feloldva: ápr. 1., 6:08

Multi-Kill (x5)

"There is no such thing as Friendly Fire" - Moérphy
Feloldva: márc. 28., 21:03

10 Hours Played

One of our testers hit this before release! Keep on playing!

All's Moé That Ends Moé

Completed the main story of Moékuri!

Collected All Neutral Creatures

I have no strong feelings one way or the other about this...

Collected All Fire Creatures

Burn with the passion of youth!

Collected All Ice Creatures

You must be a cool kind of person, huh?

Collected All Wind Creatures

This must have been a breeze for you!

Collected All Wood Creatures

Your bark is worse than your bite now!

Collected All Earth Creatures

Nobody can claim to be boulder than you! Rock on!

Collected All Lightning Creatures

Was it a shocking experience for you?

Collected All Water Creatures

Don't worry, I don't think you're all washed up...

Collected All Light Creatures

Flash! Ahhhah! Saves every moé!

Collected All Dark Creatures

Not the most illuminating experience, I can understand.

Collected All Creatures!

Don't forget to print out your Moékuri Master Badge!

100 Victories

The first step on the road to success!

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