Steven Shock   Bretagne, France
Craziest shit ive hit:

I like watching pom, you read wrong that, you read that wrong too, you are checking to see if that was wrong


Steven "sh0ck" Shock

15 year old csgo player


esea_bot: You are the worst player I have ever seen you have 0 league exp you will never make it out of open because you are a inconsistent, random bot. you are a shitty player I don't understand why you are adding me. You are so shit you just hold quad and push everything with your tiny 14 year old peanut brain. I have you blocked because you have a brain the size of a pea and and IQ below room temp
esea_bot: fuck off cunt
esea_bot: blocked

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one of the dumbest mother ♥♥♥♥ers to ever touch the game blaming everyone for not being where he is when he dies. Just pathetic
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chitrs vacvac
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