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Unlocked Feb 7 @ 3:07pm

Duck Gamer

Spawn 100 times.
Unlocked May 17 @ 12:28pm

Ritual Duck Gamer

Spawn 1000 times.
Unlocked Apr 17 @ 12:51pm

Pillow Maker

Kill 1000 ducks with any one profile.
Unlocked May 17 @ 12:28pm


Win 10 online matches.
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 4:16am

Power User

Play on 10 different custom maps.
Unlocked Oct 11 @ 12:15pm

Draw Breaker

Break 10 draws.
Unlocked Jun 7 @ 2:49pm

Flat Top Intervention

Crush 50 ducks.
Unlocked Oct 10 @ 10:00am

Never Mined, I won

Win a round while standing on a mine.
Unlocked Jun 1 @ 12:39pm


Finish 50 whole games.
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 5:23am

That's My Boy

Raise a little man.

Arcade Master

Get best trophy in all challenges.


Play through a match that goes to 50 points.

Basement Dweller

Unlock the arcade basement.

Hot Stuff

Spend 15 minutes on fire with any one profile.

Books are Fun

Win a round in a 4 player match by converting all players to your team.

Dr. Death

Kill 3 ducks at the same time with the Death Ray.

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