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This game filled me with so many emotions I never knew of. A true game of its time. This game is harder than Dark Souls III and a better story than BioShock Infinite. You meet so many loved protagonists such as the blue furry thing, the yellow furry thing, and more iconic faces that each tells a different story. An amazing music track that you can not turn off while you play such a timeless masterpiece of a game. I do expect this game to be Game of The Year anytime soon. This game might be difficult for the simple brained but if you are an average 6d chess player and have a PhD in Dark Souls lore, than this is the game that will puzzle your mind. Truly worth it and there is no reason you shouldn't buy this game with such a low price. I expected such a masterpiece to be worth the average $60 but it is great to see a difference in good games and what they're worth. If you or a loved one is facing obstacles in life such as depression, this is the game that can and will cure your depression like it has with me. I really appreciate the Furry Animals Bombing team into making such a tear dropping game. I plan to tell the story of this game to everyone I know and about its beauty. Such an amazing piece of work.

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This fluffy fellow may be freezing cold, but he'll warm up your heart.
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