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cpcdem May 15 @ 2:07pm 
Aaaarggghh!!! Ok, will check :)
Marcel B. May 15 @ 12:50pm 
Or 620R as well...
Marcel B. May 15 @ 12:48pm 
More work for you, cpcdem -> A1 and R8 on Monza Short ;-)
psp Apr 4 @ 8:08pm 
ah, thank you
cpcdem Apr 4 @ 8:01pm 
Have you checked the official PC2 forum? There's a section dedicated on setups, many people discuss there, I also take part when I can. Feel welcome to post any question regarding setup or advice on how to drive cars that you don't feel comfortable with. It's in http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/forumdisplay.php?156-The-Garage-Car-Setup-Talk
cpcdem Apr 4 @ 8:01pm 
Thx for the compliment :) Generally in TT I am trying to learn to drive the cars with their default setup and become very familiar with them and used to the driving style they require, then I may try to make setup changes knowing what I need to change. But usually I stay in default and yes most of the TT times are done with plain default and many are top times indeed, but the main reson for this is that not too many people are using those cars :)

I agree, some of the cars with the default setup are difficult to drive and small changes can make them much better, but I like the challenge of driving them without changes. Also for the majority probably of the cars, the defaults are fine I think, but they need a lot of practice to get fast with them.