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John Wick Jul 19 @ 6:39pm 
"He did decide, though, that with more time and a great deal of mental
effort, he could probably turn the activity into an acceptable perversion."
-- Mick Farren, "When Gravity Fails"

Sic transit gloria mundi.
[So passes away the glory of this world.]
-- Thomas `a Kempis

Birds are entangled by their feet and men by their tongues.
As fathers commonly go, it is seldom a misfortune to be fatherless; and
considering the general run of sons, as seldom a misfortune to be childless.

The only solid and lasting peace between a man and his wife is, doubtless,
a separation.
-- Lord Chesterfield, letter to his son, 1763
Kent: Well, what do you say to the accusation that your group has been
causing more crimes than it's been preventing?

Homer: Oh, Kent, I'd be lying if I said my men weren't committing crimes.

Homer the Vigilante
He is the best of men who dislikes power.
-- Mohammed

Vrynn Jul 16 @ 8:27am 
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DaVVe Jul 13 @ 6:04pm 
Toxic kid
SERFER PO KISKAM Jul 13 @ 5:36pm 
конченный по жизни, пол игры стоял афк, спрей уровень - дауна
vertrauenswürdiger_Jürgen Jul 11 @ 5:16pm 
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