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Apr 28 @ 3:38pm
In topic Ending could use an epilogue
they did mention they had plans for this in a post I made regarding this.
Apr 18 @ 6:51pm
In topic Is my run ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ?
depends on how the crew looks. can just rotate between less fuel and food each week and then more the next. I'd recommend using scientists to hunt/make cure all depending on situation, have the engineers stoke the fire to remove freezing from two people each week, then if anyone has frostbite/starving just throw them in bed, assuming you took medical tools you can stuff multi people in there. If they have freezing its fine, frostbite if its left will die the following week.
Apr 9 @ 9:01pm
In topic Horrible Controls.
Originally posted by neonox:
Yes, you can change this from HOLD to TOGGLE.
how do you do this? I cant seem to figure it out. Just lets me rebind the key for the control
Also, if you leave during week 7 during the day, and keep like 6 people free, before you end the day you can send people into the ship to pull wood from the tables which helps last a fair while.
Originally posted by Bellular Studios:
Also for replaying dialogue you can hold the left Ctrl key to more quickly skip through text without accidentally choosing choices, that could probably be made more clearer
Ah, yeah, I never figured that out or noticed any sort of hints regarding this, but ty for letting me know. Will make my next playthrough that much easier for the Main dialogue.
Thoroughly enjoyed the game. Managed to get all the achievements after around 17 hours of playtime. I don't really have any major complaints beside the fact that replayability is kind of annoying, as there is no way to speed up events/dialogue other then spamming the left click button and waiting. Would be nice to be able to skip the events/speed up stuff thoroughout the early weeks rather then go through all the text boxes again.

My main point though, is all of the endings, no matter what you do feel essentially the same. You get the ship/lifeboat/ice tanker pull away/the you died/got marooned/etc, then the credits. I would have really liked for a small epilogue, even if it was only text, just y'know stating what happened to the surviving crew and where they went for the various major endings, I.e Full loyalty/no loyalty/all crew alive/no crew alive/etc. I realize this is probably a bunch of work but just my thoughts.

Like for example. If you saved everyone, had all their loyalty etc, and brought back last fellow, would have been nice to see what they all ended up doing/if appleton got the ship/what happens to everything...Feels kind of unfinished, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters to the point I kind of want to know where they went. Does Kurt and Hammond work together? Do Grimley, Junior, and Shaw end up sailing on a new ship? What about the doctor and kasha/cordell and stanberry/all the other lads. *shrug* Just my thoughts.
This doesn't work on impossible. Maybe a recent update or something, but it's literally unbeatable at this point. Cannot get past Quivering Human Bastion, Etc because of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ AI mechanics. They should not infinitely spawn humans.
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