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Heres A Little Something About ME
Before I Start I Would Like Show You People Some Of The Funniest And Caring People In The World. If They Are On My List That Means That They Always Cheer Me Up Or They Are All Ways There For Me! Each Name Will Have Something Important Beside It.

Soup He Was There When Times Were Rough And When I Needed Somebody To Talk To!

Swoosh Amazing Memer, Donator, And :steamsalty:Salty Trollider!:steamsalty:

♕MiniFireman♕ Sorry Jolly But Mini Is My Best Friend And If I Get Shot He Getting Shot Too. IF I DIE HE DIE! IF I POOP HE POOP!:medicon::medicon::medicon:

Mudkip Best Medic Main Ever! Also A Very Friendly Guy. Just Watch Out, I'm Pretty Sure He Bites.:csgoskull::csgoskull:

Beni_ Very Good Soldier Main! Even Though He'll Never Beat Me :^) Stay Awesome! :keiro::keiro:

Jolly Ugandian Memer And African Warlord. Dangerous And Funny At The Same Time ^w^

TUGOR3Z Destroys Me In Mge Most Of The Time But Is Still Pretty Chill About it. Good Guy And By The Way He's Looking For A Team! ^^

ṠḧḀẒḀṁ : "He's God" Held me hostage to put him on my list help ;(

☁Chleric☁ Aspiring To Be Like Me. I Know What Your Thinking And You Are Right. But Pip Is Too Good To Be Replicated! Just Kidding Pretty Good Demoman And A Pretty Nice Ripe Collection Of Memes!

Ok Now That We Got Those Nerds Out Of Dei Wae Lets Just Focus On What You Really Came For

Age 16
Gender Male
Race Mixed With Black And White
Favorite Game TeamFortress2
Favortie Type Of Music Rap And R&B
Best Kind Of Memes Dank
My Mains Demoman And Soldier
Worst Classes Heavy and Pyro
Total Amount Of Hours Right Now 2400+

If You Are Here Because You Got Destroyed In Mge And You Want To Post Some Bullshit Like "Worst TF2 Player Ever -Rep" Get The Fuck Out Of Here...

VitronTSW Nov 10 @ 3:26pm 
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Pip Nov 5 @ 6:57pm 
I might have used cheat engine, am i going to jail ︵‿︵(´ ͡༎ຶ ͜ʖ ͡༎ຶ `)︵‿︵
Jolly Nov 4 @ 4:15pm 
Pip Nov 4 @ 3:37pm 
Shoot thy ones ♥♥♥♥♥♥os
Jolly Nov 4 @ 3:31pm 
Good luck doing nnn

And also

Shazam Sep 30 @ 3:28am