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whose farted? // nr xox May 5 @ 11:48am 
add or i kill
eating good Apr 24 @ 10:49am 
om g so knoob brote minese rep bro idot
Tarakona Apr 12 @ 6:43pm 
Wanna be our fifth in UKC cup tomorrow?
add is boyo
stewGUGU MADAFAK Apr 1 @ 3:45am 
+rep nice guy
eating good Mar 24 @ 11:24am 
yes, you can run away by ignoring my friend request OR, better yet, you can accept it, take 5 minutes to play an aim map against me (whenever you aren't busy, not necessarily right now), and prove how much of a pathetic and scrub player am I. More than worth it, don't you think? Consider it an early Christmas present.

I can't see a reasonable reason why wouldn't go with the latter, do you?

I'm not a kid who challenges players to a 1V1 match, but then again, up until this match with you, I haven't been told I have such terrible aim (on the contrary, I've been told the opposite, but who am I to speak? I'm just a blubbering monkey you are about to discipline. Hopefully).

I will not bother you with further friend requests, if you decline it again, I'll just assume you're a pathetic coward who cannot stand behind his words (in all honesty - no offense, but again - I can't see any other reason you'd decline), and leave you be.