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MartinY Apr 5 @ 9:24am 
cheto hijodelagranputa fdp bastardo
Desmutrio Mar 27 @ 4:06pm 
A tua mãe foi deliciosa
Not Lord Survivortron Mar 20 @ 1:39pm 
Good game it was fun
sousas Mar 17 @ 5:45pm 
cry here________ africa need water
fazeNiKo Mar 15 @ 1:26pm 
|| 🖤 || Signed by 𝙝𝙭𝙙 || 🖤 ||
👃🚙🌂 Performance review for Idkldc 🌏🍇📗

When a topic is unfamiliar or new concepts are put forward, Idkldc engages in the conversation, but contributions show a lack of understanding at first. Needs to make more effort to listen, learn and adjust. Idkldc is aiming for promotion, but recognizes that capabilities and prospects are limited. They set high personal standards in an attempt to do as well as possible. Accurate at solving mental math problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages – but without a calculator, cannot reach the answer at speed. With a supervisor checking for occasional spelling, grammar and style errors, Idkldc can produce business correspondence and reports of acceptable quality.

🌸 + 😺 = 🔋