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Hi! Im Megatron 1698 or as my friends call me Mega or Megs. 😁

Steam family:
Brother real life: ✴⚜EPSILON|⚜✴
Bff in real life and Sister: ☤OᑭTIᑭᖇIᗰE⚜1600💜
Owl master/steam brother: ŇᶤᵍʰᵗʸŇᶤᵍʰᵗ
Steam brother 2: 🔫Spy⚜ 007🔪
Steam adopted son: WolfMaster0451⚜
Steam brother 3: [Clever Fox]⚜

Currently Online
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🔫Spy⚜007🔪 Jul 12 @ 10:14pm 
Best medic and friend a Spy like me could ask for! :spycon::medicon:
OptiPrime⚜1600 Jul 12 @ 4:07pm 
Love you, girlie
Megatron⚜1698 Jul 11 @ 7:43pm 
OptiPrime⚜1600 Jul 10 @ 11:14pm 
💜💛❤️ This girl is everything. If you aren't her friend... Well, you are just missing out.