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I'd have to agree that it's a shame this is being added, I too am not a fan of the necromancer element. If it were just wild creatures like giant spiders or something then I'd be much happier.

I do however understand and respect that not everyone shares my views, and the devs can't cater to every single fan in making their game. Thankfully this addition seems to be completely optional, so I can still play the game and just ignore that feature, never taking part in it.

I wish more devs were like that tbh - sure have elements which some players may not like, but if they aren't central to the main story or gameplay then make them optional, so players can choose how they want to play the game.
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Yo dawg I heard you like storage...
The main draw for me is the relaxed, chill atmosphere. In a world where gaming is now all about spectacle and intensity, explosions and big action sequences, it's nice to have a game that lets you choose the pace you move at and doesn't penalise you every thirty seconds for not being good enough. In some ways this game reminds me of Minecraft back when it was new - just a chill sandbox world where you can play however you like.

Another factor I like about it is the very tactile nature of it all. Resources aren't just an icon on a screen, they're a fully 3D object which exists in the world and can be picked up and moved around. Objects fit into their mounting slots with a satisfying 'click', and the modular nature of all the structures and items make it extremely customizable. It kinda gives vibes of fitting together blocks of lego when I was a kid.
Ah you're playing on Valguero? Kk yeah, not been updated for that map yet. Think it works on other maps though.
Jul 21 @ 11:03am
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So long as you are just playing one save on each map you won't need to switch saves, just be sure to adjust mod lists and settings in the game menus whenever you change between the two.

But if you do need to backup saves or switch them, the files are located in your Steam directory at

In that folder there are multiple files named 'SavedArksLocal', one for each map you play. You can see the names of the maps in the folder names. Just copy everything in the folder you need and save them as backup.

Single player configuration settings are saved at
Jul 21 @ 10:56am
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That spot is the hidden lake, at coordinates 23, 68 :)
Jul 20 @ 11:05pm
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Yeah nw bro, just mentioning it in case it's of use to anyone who reads the thread ;)
Jul 20 @ 10:42pm
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Originally posted by zerassar:
I suspect that the Diplo's "drag weight" is above that which would allow it to teleport into the arena.
Yes I agree, and this is precisely why I was in favor of the flyer nerf. They were overpowered in PvP, and in PvE it's far more fun running land caravans across the map than just airlifting everything. I play most of my games now without allowing myself to tame flyers, and if I do use them, it's only in a moderate way which doesn't spoil the land experience - just reducing repetitive grinding tasks or the like.
Jul 20 @ 10:32pm
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Sometimes there can be lag on the server which makes it look like they aren't breeding when they really are. This could possibly also affect single player games. Try leaving them for a while with mating enabled and see if they eventually spew out an egg.

But there is also a very rare bug, present since early access, where a dino can switch genders seemingly without cause. I'd seen it mentioned on these forums multiple times, but thought it was just a user error.

However I had it happen to me just a couple of months ago in my breeding of tek rexes for boss arenas - I set up a couple who were definitely male and female as I had been carefully keeping track of their stats and genders for mutations, and enabled mating, but they would not mate. For a good half hour or so I fiddled around with them, moving them and enabling/disabling settings, and all through this time they remained male and female.

But after a while, as I was checking their inventories to try and find a reason for them not mating, I noticed that the female had become a male, so they both had blue names. Seemingly the game had considered them both male before the HuD updated to show that, and that was why they were not mating.
Jul 20 @ 4:57am
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Glad you got them^^
Jul 20 @ 4:54am
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Thankfully, mods are stepping up to fill the gap once again:
I'm afraid I don't think that function works for engrams across maps. The 'remove prerequesite' field is for other engrams that need to be known before something can be unlocked (eg. have to know narcotic before you can craft tranq arrows), not the map itself. I'm afraid unlocking Extinction engrams would probably require a mod.
Jul 19 @ 11:20pm
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Originally posted by Ragnarok:
Thanks But I only want to modify one player's stats

In that case I'm afraid that's not possible without mods. The amount of increase you gain per level is all controlled by the server you play on, not the client. And there are no server configs to create different classes of player with different stats. I believe there's a mod which does something like that, but the server would have to have the mod installed as well.
Jul 19 @ 10:28pm
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0: Health
1: Stamina / Charge Capacity
2: Torpidity
3: Oxygen / Charge Regeneration
4: Food
5: Water
6: Temperature
7: Weight
8: MeleeDamageMultiplier / Charge Emission Range
9: SpeedMultiplier
10: TemperatureFortitude
11: CraftingSpeedMultiplier

Check out the wiki for more information - near the bottom of the page:
Jul 19 @ 10:25pm
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Was the argie on follow to something in your base? If so it might have made a beeline for the base the moment you jumped off, and the other creatures followed it.

Alternatively was it on 'neutral' or 'attack my target'? Something may have attacked it or one of the dinos following it, and they all set off after the attacker to fight it. Especially if the attacker was another flyer like a dimorph or something - the argie may have soared into the air trying to kill it and now be hovering several hundred feet off the ground, while the dinos which were following it will just have found the closest spot they could to it on the terrain.

Or another possibility - you mentioned a base, so I assume this is on an online server not single player. If that's the case, might the base you were looking at or one nearby have had defense turrets which might have killed the dinos?
Jul 19 @ 5:55pm
In topic can you solo a reaper queen?
Originally posted by 8Bit:
After the deed, frantically run back to your mount and finish off the reaper.

If you lead it into a trap with foundations as floors, you can actually keep it around and get multiple reaper babies from one queen. They can only dig through the map, they can't dig into base structures put down by survivors, so the queen will not burrow away if contained. And so long as you don't leave the area, which could cause it to despawn, it will stay there indefinitely.

The Youtuber Syntac did a video on it a few weeks ago if you wanna see the process in more detail.
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