Picture drawn my Spectrum.
Read sh*t below before adding me

Hello, I main Spy and Sniper. I used to main Pyro too, but thanks to Valve's Nerfs, I stopped ;-; .

How much I like each class:
1. Sniper.
2. Spy.
3. Soldier.
4. Medic.
5. Demoman.
6. Scout.
7. Pyro.
8. Engineer.
9. Heavy. (For me Heavy is fun sometimes too!)
But seriosly, I like each class.

About me:
Well, I am a person who likes to see respect and kindness. I got many donations and I hope I will get more.

Cool m80's who are or were on my friend list:
Snow (SushiCookies)
Uncle Dave (also known as sonofsayers)
Yotmishu (Rest In Peace lad...)
Jtropical (Jerry)
Dr. Love Cat


Yes, you can donate to me by sending a trade offer on steam to me. On my donator list I will put only people who donated more than 1 ref. Snowy Donate Link

Top source filmmaker posters and top donators.

Uncle Dave: Hat 3.33 ref,Unusual Ol' Snaggletooth.
U jelly/trade.tf: Strange Grenade launcher, one red, one reclaimed and one scrap.
bbg352: Australium Killstreak sniper rifle, 3 unusuals, killstreak strange botkiller wrench and a professional killstreak kurki.
Jtropical : SD Sticky Bomb Launcher, BC Flame thrower, Festive Killstreak sniper rifle, Festive Medigun, "Jerry's Winter Jacket" (Sniper), "Idiot leash" (Strange Specialized Killstreak MediGun & Allied Healing Done).
Insane_Kevin : Mann Co. Supply Crate Key.
(I've had more donations, I am just too lazy too add the names in)

Add me?

Write a reason of your request in the comment section and I will most likely accept your request.


Backpack.tf link [backpack.tf]
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Welcome to the Psychological Profile
Greetings. I am swew, a sniper main.

I play Team Fortress 2 the most. The game is addictive and concludes in fun.

My qualities and personal information:
Gender: Male.
Name: Matt (call me whatever you want).
Age: Unknown.
Dwelling country: Unknown.
Interests, hobbies: Programming, traveling, mathematical industries.
Favorite games on Steam: Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive.
Looks outside of electronic uses: Tall, sexy, and intelligent.
Acting qualities: Introvert, supportive (pretty much it).

Things that I enjoy:
Intelligent and wise individuals.
Fair and reasonable games.
Donations and me donating.
Support incomes from others while I am struggling at that exact current moment.
Reasonable statements, and no unexplained phenomena.

Things that get me agressive (not sexually):
Unreasonable conflicts and arguements.
Non supportive ideas.
Uncertain and judgemental looks on me from other's point of view.

Only my close friends can do the things above

Add me if you wish, just follow the things obove and try to resist doing the things that I get mad of.
Before adding me, comment your reason of the sent request.

Don't forget to read my second info box that is located near my profile picture.

Fortnite funny moments Mar 27 @ 12:52pm 
Hi added for panama
cpn Jun 11, 2017 @ 6:02pm 
lmao u good dude???....you didnt give me time to respond lol...k then?
Marsha Jun 1, 2017 @ 2:14am 
sorry about that trade offer, the last price suggestion for it i saw was 77 keys but that was closed
Toby™ May 1, 2017 @ 3:50pm 
Hi dude! i added u cuz i was looking for some "cool" people and i found u, sooo i just wanted to add you :D (Don't worry i don't beg 4 stuff :v)
hellboy Feb 21, 2017 @ 11:06pm 
I'd like to buy that panama.
ѕιи Dec 17, 2016 @ 8:18pm 
Priced your scorching panama for ya. I saw it sold for 60k but there was also another sale at 47k I had to include. Hope you enjoy!