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☬ Hunter Killer ☢ Jul 17 @ 1:55pm 
Your firend repatedly shot me in the back during the game.
He does it because
A) Im better than him, he couldnt compete so he destroy. From the back like prawn.
B) He is afraid, andrgy and ashamed, and all he does is he gives it someone he choose to ♥♥♥♥ with. This time it was me.

Guys, this is mentally ill behaviour. I happen to know the science behind it, but more importantly, he is BAD NEWS FOR YOU. Because you paly togther, he stabs you guys in the back again and again in ways you dont even realise, not is CSGO, he puts you guys down. Believe me,
Im trained in abnormal psychology, thats why i know, I also experemented with abusing people myself. If he does it it me, he IS DOING IT TO YOU TOO.
☬ Hunter Killer ☢ Jul 17 @ 1:55pm 
I used to hang out with backstabbers like that guy, I lost money, time, happyness and sucess, a

Believe me, you lose sucess, time, happyness, and in the long run even money, if you let people like that around you.

That calm vocal tonality he shows is FULL FAKE. Calm and happy people don`t provoke and abuse others. Period.

Watch your backs.

What is he afraid of:

i ded Jan 17 @ 4:56am 
ty zyjesz chuju?
♥Paweł♥ Dec 25, 2017 @ 2:53pm 
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