The riddle to my real name is in the following summary :sans:
kw pcyj lykc gq ylbpcg afcl
Good Luck kids (its not gibberish)

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Hey about me
Hey scammers stop trying to scam me I know every way of scamming :sans:
Hey check out my channel :
Recently banned on and for brokering for a banned friend
Oh and btw those who visit my profile I still suggest to use those websites not being negative I am totaly "happy" about everything :) Oh and I am still trading so yeah do shoot me an offer
My :(
If u want to trade with me check my or
Monday 16th October 2017
20:00 : Learning
20:01 : Car Bonks
20:02 : Loud Noise
20:03 : Getting outside to investigate
20:03 : Car Crash
How to tell Im the real Bonix
My inventory is never private
I have the 1/1 Something burning this way l'enspecteur
I have my signature hat Frostbite Coldsnap cap
Hey don't add me to beg items :sans:
I'm a engi,demo:sticky: and spy :spycon: main
I will not say from what country I am but I can tell u 2 things
I know Romanian,Chinese,German and English
My favourite colour is blue
My dream unusuals/cosmetics ?
1. Nether Trail Prehistoric Pullover
2. Death by Disco Duck Billed Hatypus
3. Frostbite Coldsnap Cap *Got It*
4. Spellbound Glengary Bonnet *Got It*
5. Ghastly Ghosts Jr Classy Capper
6.Spelled B.M.O.C with footprints and colour changer
Hey my last 2 or 3 pages of unusuals are not for sale so yeah
How to not get scammed :
So called Item verificators will scam ur item and sell it
Beware of scammer that impersonate a youtuber or a good trader
Don't let random guys to ask u to give the unusual to a friend of urs they may impersonate u and scam it :spycon: :2017stickycrab:
If someone asks if its duped show them the history and if they want to hire a so called admin then just unfriend the scammer
Some scammers will say they are a important site bot just remove 'em
Pls for the love of our Steam Community Pls stop witchhunting people for stupid reasons
Anyway SCAMMERS Burn in HELL :spycon:
Use sites like : to check prices
My inv:
NOT selling my pages from 19-26
Outpost to list it / are sites so u can trade fast with bots
Do remember the arts i post on my profile ussually has the authors name and i do commision them so don't think I'm stealing art anyway
Wanna trade with me Sure :sans:

Artwork Showcase
When the pyro update comes we 3 are f*cked
3 4
Heads3z BDay!!! Jul 11 @ 5:21pm 
I sold the blizz sorry
Heads3z BDay!!! Jul 10 @ 3:57pm 
I can add a clean Blizz Viva la france priced at 80 Keys on the brass if you could add more items ontop of the brass
Isabella_Lyann Jul 6 @ 10:55am 
DBD - Bloodhunt ..its ok - im fine. i'm camped... but i come'd free if a teammate was died for me and where also camped . Sry Marine. And have a good lucky day -- hope next time a see u u play fair as the beginning in at the Match :) Have a Nice day Frosty ^-^
Hobo Bobo Jun 29 @ 9:01am 
Added to talk about your purple energy brass bucket that you have on auction
Bitsy Jun 28 @ 8:21am 
Im here just to ask if you want new posters or not.
stay away Jun 28 @ 12:21am 
-rep worst host ever