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So you play through a hundred levels of drinking soda while you simultaneously feel like you're stepping through molasses and walking on an ice rink and you're like, "haha funny soda game." Then you discover the secret game inside the funny soda game thats like 10x bigger than the soda game and is an actual video game that is fun (can be unlocked on the second level). This secret game is a cross between LSD Dream Emulator and WarioWare. Banger game 9.5 out of 10 (.5 points taken off due to no soda appearing in secret game.)
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Frekrugel Oct 9, 2021 @ 10:43pm 
L. Ron Hoyabembe Jul 23, 2018 @ 1:40am 
*brrm* BRRRRM* *WWWHWHHHHHHHHHHR* *ACDC starts blaring*, whoah champ you're still in bed?!?!? But it's 10 AM already. You know your mother says you spend too much time on the computer games. You know what my philosiphy is? WHo needs the computer games when you got the great outdoors, a cold beer in your hands and the pungent hot smell of gasoline in your nose. *Cracks open Monster Zero Ultra*. *SSSSIIIIIIIP* AHHHH. That first sip of the day champ I tell you what, a real life saver. Now listen buddy I want you to go march to the livingroom and help your mother with the chores, it's saturday afterall. *Upens up grill* *Starts grilling 'dogs and hamburgers on the coals while mowing the lawn* *sipps from the monster zero ultra* Yeaaap. Quake 3 was a good game.