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Good game
Posted July 2.
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Game used to be amazing and unique, back when it was in beta with the tier system and the fun game modes. You have tried to hard to advance the game into somthing it really dosent need to be. I truly belive a lot of people might play again if you brought it back near the start.

You removed some of the best game modes that really made the game what is was, for example you removed the 4 tier 10's vs 10 tier 6-8 game mode, you removed the 10v10 1 life game mode. You made things way to complicated, added many weapons and mechanics that were not needed.

We understand you need to do updates to keep the game alive but I'm sure if you hadnt changed a thing since the beta you might even still have a bigger play base now.

This game was good, but you ruined it. Unlucky.
Posted November 2, 2018.
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Posted September 19, 2017.
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