Studio Anjin
Studio Anjin is a collective group of Artists, Musicians, Programmers and Designers, working together to create games of all genres and styles.

Who are we?[/b]

Kyle Riley ( Neonlare )

Kyle has been making games for over 9 years and has worked on all aspects of game design from Music composition, Graphical Design (2D and 3D) as well as Programming and Sound Effect design. Many of his past solo projects can be found through our website.

Jacob J Ritz ( SwoodDude )

Jacob has been working with Kyle for over a year now as a Pixel Artist, Co-Composer and Designer at Anjin. An accomplished speed-runner and streamer, Jacob’s experience with video games (primarily how to break them) is almost urivaled, and his pixel art has definitely helped pave the way for future Anjin projects coming soon!

Ray Stevens ( The Bunyip )

Ray has been dabbling with game design for a number of years and balances his busy work life with devoting countless hours to game development under the Anjin banner. He also somehow manages all of our social media, so stop by our twitter account and say hi some time!

C.L.Kerl ( Zargy )

Chris has a vast array of experience with systems code and is our go to guy for a whole plethora of behind the scenes joy. The outcomes of his tireless work are often the most subtle in terms of experience but you can rest assured that without them, our games just wouldn't be the same.
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