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Larg Bobies   Ohio, United States
"You a poopy butt" -Trippie Redd

Yo soy el hombre negro muy gordo que se come a los bebés de la supremacía blanca


We call upon god to help us end our suffering and give us strength to stop the homosexuals from invading our homes and businesses. The final battle is about to start and we can only pray that god is defending our rectums and greatly consealing our woman and children so they are not harmed in the crossfire. The homosexuals arise from the hilltops, double sided dildos in one hand, their penis in the other. Our men are trembling as we see their naked bodies tower over the horizon, blanketing the sunrise from reaching us. We ready ourselvess, bibles and crosses in hand. Our attire gleaming in the sunlight, as the words "Gay is NOT Okay" blankets in a wall of straight men ready for battle. The homosexuals raise their dildos in praise to the LGBT empire. In response we raise our crosses proudly and yell the words that we all know will start the final battle... "Remove thine selves from the lands of the poosy lovers before you are struck down and smited in the eyes of GOD!!!". Instantly, the hilltop gays charge towards us with no fear on their faces, we knew they have prepared for this battle long before we have. We ready our crosses and bibles in defence and yell our dastardly words for god upon them. We say with pride! "You shall'nt cross this land with the power vested in me by the hands of the almighty and straight god!". Instantly the gays stop dead in their tracks and turn around. Our men are confused as there is nothing particularly interesting for them to stop for. As the sky blackens, our men blind. A ray of light could be seen in the distance. As the darkened sky clears, we see the only thing that could only be stopped by god himself and no other... The almighty Gendervoid Foxkin Demiqueer rises over the hill! Bawling its warcry! "IM TRIGGERED!". It's loud cry pushes our men backwards into the scenery behind us. We don't know how we can stop it. The Demiqueer bursts through thousands of our men with no avail! We thought to ourselves that this was the end of our defence and there is no stopping the beast. In a blink of an eye the almighty god Dr. Doofenshmirtz arises and casts an ever blinding ray of Waluigi's that banishes the Demiqueer into another demension that only consists of KKK members who are hungry for gay killing. As god casts his ray the homosexuals cry in fear as the all put their double sided dildos in eachother and commit suicide... The battle has been victorious for the straight army! We pray in thanks to Lord Dr. Doofenshmirtz as he fades into the sunset. We prepare our fallen comrads for their burrials and clean the fields of battle. Burning the bodies of fallen homosexuals to say they suck eggs and should stop. We are gloriously victorious once again, all thanks to our lord and savior, and may to never again need to commit to battle to stay free of the homosexuals ever again.

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