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Originally posted by Scheisse Soze:
it is the most un-gratifying feeling in the world to run cavalry full speed into ground troops and watch them all get immediately bogged down and killed.

Your cav/horses suck. I can bowl over 3 - 4 dudes with a desert horse in early game.

If you mean when they hit a wall of spears… we’ll yeah that’s what spears are for
Jan 16 @ 10:21pm
In topic Sturgia need rework
Originally posted by Legatus Lucanus:
Originally posted by Onimaho:
If that were true we should be seeing mediocre armor for even the top end troops, but very powerful weapons on the archers, polearms, and versatile light/medium cavalry. also where are the scimitars?

Sturgia doesn't really have any of that and appear more like nords with one odd cav option.
Read the official devblog about sturgia, they are kievan rus, thair lords are even called bojars in the ingames encyclopedia text on the page of the factionleader.

The only nords in sturgia are mercenaries who migrated into sturgian realm and mixed with the native population but they are the minority.

Not that any of this is relevant to the need for a rework, but yes the Sturgians are Slavs
Jan 16 @ 10:18pm
In topic Sturgia need rework
Originally posted by Muscarine:
Originally posted by Chrøme:
Not in sieges ,where infantry dominating.

No, put your HA in line in front of the walls, let them dump their arrows, take the fort empty

You never need infantry, never, never, never

Jan 15 @ 9:38pm
In topic Mod to remove looter rocks?
Originally posted by Nihil sub sole novum:
Originally posted by CNTOSeneram:
I mean... I am kinda with him on this. It makes no sense at all that looters with rocks can even remotely touch a fully armored heavy cav.

I've taken to calling looters "Rock Snipers" Due to the sheer number of time I've lost 60+ hp to one looter 'cause he nailed me in the head as I rode past.
couple that with the fact rocks do blunt damage looters are weirdly deadly even to tier 6 units, I've lost vlandian banner knights to looters before.

God D*mn Rock Snipers.

Lol hilariously accurate
This is sage advice, I really think this would improve play for this game.
Jan 15 @ 8:35pm
In topic Destruction of cities and castles!?
There are like 10 (being hyperbolic) cities. You’d wreck the world economy and systems pretty much immediately.

There is no gameplay reason or benefit to doing this.

Also, I’m the last guy to say ‘well in reality…smeh smeh smeh’ … but in reality, how do you “destroy a city” with some sticks and pieces of metal. It’s not like there’s a nuke you can drop. Start some fires maybe? Ok people come back down out of the hills where they’re hiding and rebuild in a year.

This idea offers literally nothing, no offense. It’s just difficult, unrealistic, and adds nothing.
It’s a totally different game and style, there are no real similarities beyond there not being guns in both games…
Jan 15 @ 8:22pm
In topic Axe Rework
Your bardiche has 85 speed and you’d get slaughtered by an weak 1H sword or anyone with a bow, since it’s 2H.

Yeah dude is right, all the weapons are redundant and 2H swords are the best weapons. If you’re in a siege, you might need a shield, which adds utility to 1H/2H swords.

Every weapon might have a role, but you, as the commander, aren’t going to engage in most of those roles.

Axes have fundamentally different characteristics than swords and the game should reflect that OR make it an aesthetic choice and give them comparable stats.

Idk how much more effective against shields they are, but you can wail on those shields in the Sturgian tournaments for long enough that it is irrelevant. Also 2H swords have a perk with added shield damage…

Idk, I just think it’s a wasted opportunity from the prospective gameplay perspective - there are no differences in tactical considerations when fighting enemies with axes, there is no difference when fighting with an axe, or against one.

This is a place to add depth and flavor, it’s not currently being used. Adding that flavor is objectively better.
Jan 15 @ 7:41am
In topic Props for 1.7
This update is pretty sweet, I'm surprised I had started to think the game was done.
Jan 15 @ 7:40am
In topic Economy pushes you towards cheese?
Originally posted by Felix_Zoey:
I do NOT want to cheese.

The economy is designed to push you towards the rest of the game, not cheese. Meaning raiding or becoming a vassal.
Jan 15 @ 7:38am
In topic Economy pushes you towards cheese?
Yeah with 40 guys you should be blazing around the map, get horses and a scout. As far as money - you get paid per engagement as a merc, just start wiping parties left and right, since it doesnt matter what size. Raid villages and rob caravans.

Being a privateer isn't supposed to fund your army, it is more like licensure to fight w/o being a bandit. The real prize is gear you might get/goods you might steal.

The workshops and caravans take a long time to turn a profit, but if they made them pay as much as fiefs, you'd never have a reason to engage in the rest of the game.
Jan 10 @ 7:52pm
In topic Sailor Removed?
Hey couldn’t find sailor origin, so I clicked class to see if it was only available to some class but game crashed
Jan 10 @ 7:43pm
In topic Axe Rework
Originally posted by NMGSGaming:
The two handed axe is able to cleave through multiple opponents, something the swords can't do

A two handed sword cleaving through two looters was in the first gameplay video they ever showed.
Jan 9 @ 8:24am
In topic Am I missing something?
… I’m sure it will come back.

Your explanation makes a lot of sense. They probably just haven’t decided how the user interface for reassigning troops will work.

To be fair, you can just assign multiple companions as captains and this has the same affect as assigning them to a unit in the party menu
Jan 9 @ 8:19am
In topic Mod to remove looter rocks?
Not having issues killing looters - I just think them functioning as a fearless Napoleonic rifle line with infinite ammo serves no gameplay purpose and is immersion breaking.

There is no reason to have looters if they can rock-machine gun down noble cav in the early game. They’re not suitable opponents for early game, and having to horse-archer twenty of them down after they swarm my guard is annoying.

It is more annoying when every rock they through causes me to lower my weapon - it just turns riding 20 circles around meaningless enemies into riding 35 circles around meaningless enemies.

Most annoying is when from sheer volume of meaningless action (magic, infinite, armor-piercing stones) they wear down your horse or you and you lose all your ♥♥♥♥ and get drug around for 2 days. Which is equally annoying and inconsequential to the game.

It doesn’t teach you anything in early game. It doesn’t provide any benefit or balance. That whole loop is JUST annoying and immersion breaking.

I’m well aware that with 20 Fian champions I can kill infinite looters - that’s not the point
Jan 9 @ 7:57am
In topic Best Damage Settings
Originally posted by rasabt:
Harbor of the twice drowned
the eastern most wolf one

you can do them naked, or in light armor
with iron or steel (faster)

you might need a pet or thrall (doesn't matter which, doesn't have to be an alpha)

they will net you all the eridium (or whateveritscalled) to craft pretty solid dps-gear (the incarmine stufff can carry you even endgame, especialy the hammer, just talking PvE.

you can even farm some statues (the ghouls, first men) with the same starting setup, which will also net you en epic set (armor) and the ghoul-hammer is also good enough to beat most things.

the issue i read between the lines is the health-pool of some mobs, which admittedly is out of whack. certain bears, black wraiths (even with coating) and couple other mobs got incredible bloated way around that. against "alive" enemies you can stack dots (poision and bleed), which you can get in the harbor (ferox daggers)...but some mobs are just gonna be damage sponges.

I call BS, you can’t even do a black hand camp naked at low level unless you kite them out 1-2 at a time, or run back for a fresh thrall every other skirmish…. Which if you have like 10 thralls why do you need to do something naked?

Just because you can do something at level sixty on a modded server doesn’t mean the games combat is balanced or good.
Jan 8 @ 2:31pm
In topic Axe Rework
So axes seem to just be bad swords with a bonus to shield damage. Idk I just can’t find a situation where that buff is going to make it worth the weapon being worse all around, especially when two handers have their own (pointless, in the way I fight) buff to shield destruction.

It would be a lot more fun if they were faster, since they are lighter, and shorter, had comparable damage to swords BUT had TERRIBLE handling. Maybe? As I understood weapons handling, it is essentially the range on the along the weapon’s striking surface that causes damage, which - given that axes have a very specific striking range/surface - would make sense.

Idk just seems like it’d make them feel like their own weapon instead of just bad swords with a different model
Jan 8 @ 2:09pm
In topic Mod to remove looter rocks?
Like seriously, im pretty good at rolling with the punches in this game, those rocks are so f’n OP and there’s no real gameplay reason for it. They’re basically rapid-fire armor-penetrating bows - and it’s only effective in the early game, when you need to be able to merc 5 looters on your own after herders or whatever are wiped out.

The worst thing is that they make you drop your weapon stance, I honestly don’t care about that much else, it’s dropping my strike or shot as I’m about to take out one of them.

Is there a mod to just remove them from the game on Nexus?
Jan 5 @ 4:21pm
In topic Respawn Mechanics
To clarify- I was hoping to make them respawn only after a very long time so that I’d be forced to venture further instead of just harvesting people and things next to my base.

I think that’s the biggest problem with this game- there is no opportunity or dynamic decision making. You raid a base because it has something you need and you can do it 100x…. So that’s what I end up doing. Like… everything is rehearsed, technical, there’s no scarcity, and you can’t risk anything one way or the other. It’s all super low stakes aside from having to walk back to your corpse for like 10 min.

Idk, i don’t like that personally. Any advice on how to inject real scarcity and risk?
Jan 5 @ 4:12pm
In topic Respawn Mechanics
Regardless of what I put on the sliders, NPCs in camp respawn seeming once a I run a certain distance away. This was especially apparent when I was dealing with a camp up on an overpass. Even though it only took me a second to heal and climb back up they’d all be respawned.

So do the respawn sliders for resources and NPCs only apply when you’re sitting there staring at the rock regrowing or what?
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