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If you really need to talk to me: ...
This is where my ICQ number was...
Until ICQ disabled its 6 and 7 versions at the end of 2018. To make room for an ugly, broken phone chat clone, I cannot stand.
More than 15 years of loyal usership and loads of memories of nice people, most of whom have not been online for many years, with the rest only staying because of me.
Don't know, what to do now. Maybe I'll head back to IRC.
My internet falls apart a bit more with every year.

Instead I have created a user group where you can chat with me. Should be okay too. I hope, that does not make me seem even weirder.

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Welcome to you, who stumbled into the attempt to extract some consistent thoughts from a confused mind and put them into a public profile. As you most likely found here through my trading activity, let us get started with this.


Want to keep in touch? Don't add me, join me.


In reverse order of importance, I trade 1:1 (same set) without profit demands because
- I enjoy the happy reactions by those I can help, with a few comments being amazing.
- I enjoy even more the thought, that those, who try to make a profit, run dry in the forums I occupy... and might grow a bit desperate when they meet me in yet another one.
- it keeps me busy enough not to do other equally stupid things, that would be far less helpful.

You can find my trade threads in almost all forums I do have cards for, except for a few that are owner-exclusive without me owning the game and very few, that are so busy, that I'd have to repost extremely often. If you want to start a trade right away, here's my trade link:

Cross set requests will usually be refused, unless it is really tempting. If I do not react to a cross set offer for days, it does not mean I hadn't seen it, but that I am thinking about it and may decide one way or the other at any point.
Regular offers in the same set will be accepted when I am awake, not busy and am in the mood to take care of them. If you're lucky enough to catch a moment all three apply, I get it done in a minute or two (editing my thread takes a bit of time).

Beside that, I may add, that posting hundreds of threads every two weeks is an awful lot of work.
Oh, and any donations will be kept around for others to benefit from fair trades of course.


On to the "about me" part, that, egocentrical as I am, I might have more fun with than you.

I am a young german guy, who refuses to believe to be as old as his ID says (born in '83) and encapsulates himself in a bubble, that is mostly focused on the 90s, in regards of internet use maybe up to 05, with Steam being a bit of an outlier. Gaming to me is still strongly connected to names like Lucasarts, Sierra, Psygnosis, Rainbow Arts or Westwood and games I would strongly refuse to call "classics" already.
I am very much into Adventure games (especially point and click; text based ones tend to have a bit of a language barrier) as well as Puzzle games. RPGs (western or eastern; also outside of C-RPGs I am interested in The Dark Eye), Jump n Runs and Simulations tend to round out the spectrum. If in doubt, story weighs more than gameplay to me, and a good soundtrack can save a bad game.
And all of this goes out of the window, if I get hooked on some idle timewaster that I hate myself but can't stop for months.

As you may have realized, I am mentally a bit on the weird side. I don't care anymore how experts would like to call it, be it autistic, schizoid or some anxiety. My tendency to isolate myself propably doesn't make me healthier either. I'd say, I am in a bad but stable condition, and sort of coexist with reality, with the world and me trying not to interact more than necessary. Even bad can qualify as "good enough" when the bars are set sufficiently low.

Another minor weirdness is my enthusiasm about skunks. Blame it on a toon skunk girl from the early 90s, who was (and is) my first celebrity crush. :-)
Found the Furry fandom in 2002 and although the contacts have grown loose over the years still consider myself a part of it.


And now you, who has nothing better to do than spending time reading profile texts, are wondering, how you can make me part of your friends list, maybe because you like to collect freaks. Well, that's a bit difficult.
I do not befriend strangers right away, and even a few exchanged comments do not feel enough. There's that line showing up in my activity feed : "XY and Jerry are friends now." - and I take that very, VERY seriously. Unless we have known each other for months in real life or for at least a year of regular good contact on the internet, chances are minimal. Best case is, you make me curious enough to keep you in request limbo for a few months. More likely I'll refuse right away, most often without comment.
As you have seen above, I have decided to open a user group, where you can get in touch with me instead. I guess, that's almost as good as being on my friends list, right?
Had some very nice user sending me over 300 cards to use for trading out of sheer generosity. After thinking some hours about it, I sent out a friends request, my first one in years. So massive bribing seems to work...

On the plus side, you're not missing a lot. Most of the time I am too shy to write anyhow, and being the receiver of my self-loathing ramblings isn't really fun.
Being friends with me is like one of these Steam achievements, that are rare but pointless.


And a few last general notes:
To talk to me German and English should work best. I could try to undust a few phrases in French, but haven't spoken it since school, so it would require some practicing to get back into it.
If you cannot see my inventory nor comment on my profile, you are propably part of my lengthy block list. Enjoy your stay.
Thanks for (among other things) the avatar to Jaga Titus Kuro Fuxfell
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mbutton15 2 hours ago 
Thanks for the trade, despite me having the 15 day wait !!
Graaly 6 hours ago 
Thank you for the trade! :redcrossbush:
victorelfo4 17 hours ago 
Thank you!! This man is awesome
plombeer7_th(UA) 21 hours ago 
hello, you are a cool man, thank you for the help, good luck:cozybethesda:
Prophet Jun 23 @ 1:56pm 
Thank you for your non-profit trading, you are truly awesome! :rockon:
IFIYGD Jun 23 @ 1:25pm 
Thanks again for another really fast and fair trade.
Really appreciate it.