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Nov 20 @ 8:36am
In topic innovation point creation
Also in general, the faster you product, the more innovation you will earn.
This may help:
Nov 6 @ 12:51pm
In topic can't play game
Originally posted by DOOMsaborfox:
didnt work for me.. when i tried previous version i couldnt get past the loader.. hince the reason me posting here..
I would try restarting/reinstalling, check antivirus...
Oct 23 @ 12:37pm
In topic loosing conditions
Events like infiltration or sabotages may happen. While the best is to improve your relationships, Spy/Police drones may help.
Oct 21 @ 12:42pm
In topic loosing conditions
Aug 7 @ 1:59am
In topic Losing
Maybe you can can try ultra difficulty. Get the achievements, etc.
Jun 26 @ 7:39am
In topic Expansionstechnologie ? (Anfängerfrage)
You open the Tech panel (key 8).
Select the Industrial Corp
From the list of technologies you can see expansion's one.

Hope it helps :)
I don't see what is the problem to develop the tech to max. In any case you can pass on the quest without penalty.
Jun 15 @ 11:51pm
In topic Campaign issue
hi, you need to change the production in the building-blueprint panel itself, not in the resource panel which is just for info/help.
i.e.: as it is done in this video:

Maybe you could upload a screenshot if problem persists.
You need to improve your zeppelin's tech (Conservatives). I can't remember but I guess it is said in the message itself what tech you need.
May 19 @ 1:30pm
In topic New Version
Originally posted by Martin:
can we please stay at 1.1.x as long as we wish? (option in steam version selection) , dont like the new aspects, I personally also dont need multiplayer at all if its coming
for what I read we are talking about a PA2/different game maybe wrongly called "version".
May 19 @ 7:41am
In topic Removing corporations?
What do you thing about corps? Maybe it would be the time to remove them and let secret societies come in (like in the RPG book "Paranoia") :steamsalty:
May 8 @ 11:36pm
In topic Anybody home?
Apr 7 @ 12:25am
In topic Turn off buildings?
Through energy panel what you can do is to disable per-platform.
If I recall right, a higher cargo doesn't increase the amount of items you collect if they are based in a probability/luck to be obtained.
Apr 2 @ 12:38am
In topic Weather issue
patrolling drones will make you aware earlier of the incoming weather disasters. Maybe, when you see one after assigning a drone a few more expands suddenly.
Apr 2 @ 12:36am
In topic Narrow range of ship crash chances
I guess you can see the exact crash probability (and the causes) by hovering mouse on the risk of accident value.
Mar 24 @ 7:55am
In topic Project Aura 2: TBS or RTS?
Hello, not much news about PA2, however I wonder sometimes if this game would play better as a TBS (Turn Based Strategy) instead of an RTS (Real Time Strategy). :steamhappy:
Mar 11 @ 11:58pm
In topic relationship
Originally posted by SevenBones:
I am eco, but I need yellow influence to get more power. How the hell do I get yellow influence?
Ideally you would craft yellow influence from a closer corp, because the worse relation between corps, the more influence will cost you:

So I would build a Cosmos Corp (Eco and Cosmos won't bring any penalty to the colony) and from the Cosmos corp craft the yellow influence (will cost you less than crafting it from eco).
You will need also a proper diplomacy level.

*You can use also the resource panel(f2). drag&drop the influence you want to craft and it will tell you everything you need.

This, from the wiki, is very important:
Corporation buildings built in your colony will have a negative effect on your relations with their rival Corporation only if you have the rival's diplomacy tech developed E.g.: An Eco Corp building will sub 1 reputation point with the Neo Industrial Corp (Eco's rival) only if you have Neo Industrial's diplomacy tech developed.

You can build monuments to corporations to apply a positive effect on reputation.
Mar 9 @ 12:48am
In topic Unbalanced cooking
Originally posted by Legends redholm:
Yea. I'm seeing the same thing. Also the fact that there are so god damn many recipies in the game. I kinda just wish I knew how many there are in total.
I guess you can check them in the resource panel (f2). The unknown ones should appear in red.
Mar 9 @ 12:47am
In topic relationship
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