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☭ ︻芫 ———Tropica Jul 6, 2020 @ 5:17pm 
+rep good dev.
-⁧⁧flipz Oct 9, 2019 @ 9:19pm 
+rep fair trader, funny dude.

kinda cringe tho ngl. :csgo_loser:
_4 Aug 7, 2018 @ 10:41am 
Tell me 3 things you remember about kindergarten.
>> 🚗🥒🐳👑📘 <<
Rin May 21, 2018 @ 12:59am 
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I don't appreciate you leaving our five year old daughter in the park alone. Even though we may be divorced, it doesn't mean that I don't have a say in what you do to our child. If you keep up this foolish behaviour, I will not be afraid to contact the CPS and tell them of these dangerous acts. A stranger could've walked up on her and revealed his gangrene willy! God, I have no clue as to what I saw in you in the first place. You were always a manipulative ♥♥♥♥♥ that sought to ruin other people's lives. I'm glad that you decided to divorce me, albeit you did take all my savings and MY daughter. I no longer have to see your sneering devilish face and have you fake orgasms everytime we make "love". I just wanted to let you know that I faked it, too. I was just squirting bleach with white food colouring on your titties. God, I enjoyed it when you ate my "♥♥♥" and saw the look of pain while you struggled to digest my white steamy mess
Rin Apr 11, 2018 @ 11:43pm 
+rep Good friend <3
Rin Apr 11, 2018 @ 11:40pm 
After a good game, I added Bunnings, because he seemed like a cool guy. We communicated for several days, we became good friends. Many banter, many different GMOD and, most importantly, real friendship.
I invited him to my house for a GMOD Party. He said that he would come, so I looked forward to meeting him in real life.
When he came to my house, he pushed me against the wall and began to bite my ear, I felt his hard ♥♥♥♥ crashing into my leg. I hit him and then knocked him out. It turns out he was gay. Do not believe this guy