shige   Japan

30.06: my goal in life is to fuck a girl from each continent

fk: strafe like bird
fk: wheeeeeeeeeeeeee
hige lf scrims afl 6s: bird strafes?????????
fk: idk
fk: just dont strafe like gorilla

shige lf scrims afl 6s: hon
수학의 정석: maya

P I C K D O Z I: ok sorry
P I C K D O Z I: gomennasai
P I C K D O Z I: 🍗
P I C K D O Z I: おにくあげる
shige: arigatou
P I C K D O Z I: 🍌
P I C K D O Z I: バナナあげる
shige: arigatou
P I C K D O Z I: 🤰🏿
P I C K D O Z I: 女あげる

sh: oppai
dead chicken: yes
sh: oppai??
dead chicken: daisuki

oshige: kore mimasyou
spencer: error
oshige: e
oshige: nandemo naidesu
spencer: えろじゃないよ
oshige: haha
spencer: エラーだよ

hsr: see it spawned a beautiful friendship
shigger: ?
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Good luck with whatever you are doing my dear friend, Resbik.
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shane van boening Jul 20 @ 10:29am 
It's COOL to be gay!
Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend and tell them how COOL they are
Resbik Jul 17 @ 4:15am 
for the next year zzzz...
pozi Jul 12 @ 7:08pm 
sine kasu
The Zerg Overmind Jul 12 @ 6:31am 
shige Jul 10 @ 10:39pm 
yamete :((
Resbik Jul 10 @ 8:53pm 
shige killing machine