:Notes01:Not accepting random adds or group invites currently.
:Notes01:Probably way too edgy profile picture but the artist did a good job regardless. >Artist<
:Notes01:Tea and Coffee are pretty great beverages.
:Notes01: Pyro , Nyx , Chains , RoR2 Commando , KF2 SWAT are fun to play.

Good videos (Link hidden in emotes)

:fire: Where is the giant, Mansley?
:tfo_bird: Adorable Budgie video!
:al_flower: a Woolen Sleevelet Pikmin 2 vod!
:dungdefender: Hollow Knight Meme (possible spoilers)

Not my videos of course, I just want to share them because I like them.
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:BUDlove: Mittie
:Coffee2: Azzy
:jarate: Jedi


Good Company

:fshappy: Drenn
:fshappy: Snek
:fshappy: Aron
:fshappy: Pootis
:fshappy: Erikas
:fshappy: Poot
:fshappy: Heyro
:fshappy: Danny
:fshappy: Varsk
:fshappy: Chessjawa
:fshappy: Nahuelics
:fshappy: Cel


Good Artists I commissioned in the past.

:trivialiterature: Artist-Tono
:trivialiterature: Artist-Sirentvis
:trivialiterature: Multimedia-RealmLord
:trivialiterature: Artist-GlassyJuice
:trivialiterature: Artist-Drenn
:trivialiterature: Artist-Cactie
:trivialiterature: Artist-AuraGuy
:trivialiterature: Artist-주뒹굴㋡
:trivialiterature: SFM-Rimpula
:trivialiterature: Gmod-Soviet_Mouse

[I do not know if they still take commissions]



:RogueMoneybags: I usually only trade with Tradebots nowadays.
:RogueMoneybags: Trading closed as of now. 10 May 2019

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AzSeal Apr 19 @ 11:00am 
+rep Good teammate in MvM. Best engineer and unnecessarily kind to those that don't deserve it.
lexuzieel Apr 18 @ 4:38pm 
Great MvM teammate, always willing to help
AzSeal Apr 18 @ 4:27pm 
-rep is a furry. jk + rep is a great pyro main.
un pigeon étonné Apr 3 @ 1:42am 
Xyarah Mar 16 @ 4:11pm 
heha nerd
drenn Feb 15 @ 5:14pm 
this man right here loves art and he is cool give him a hug if you see him on the street