Nafizz Izzuddin   Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
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Welcome To My Profile :({^_^}):
:sr4fleurdelis: Im nice and gamer person, 22 years old (",)
:sr4fleurdelis: Just play random games with any genres I would interest :jimmy: :AOEShield: :cxxlindustry: :NewZombie: :partyknife: :falkwreath: :barrelroll:
:sr4fleurdelis: The Sims 3 lover <3 :benoitmm1: :marinemm4:
:sr4fleurdelis: Interest beautiful pictures, screenshots and artworks :2016trophy: :blissful_creep:
:sr4fleurdelis: More like cars and racing than other :datjump: :2015car: :longhaul:
:sr4fleurdelis: Love listening Pop and Indie music :({>_<}): :listen:
:sr4fleurdelis: Interest furries fandom :2016imnotcrying: ^w^
:sr4fleurdelis: Interest werewolves supernatural :angrytiger:
:sr4fleurdelis: Play games with mods, of course :steamhappy: :cxxlbuild:
:sr4fleurdelis: Love view friends post and rate up :hardpunch: :perfect:
:sr4fleurdelis: Looking for trades cards with friends if available :ideamm3: :administration:
:sr4fleurdelis: Feel free to add me and also add me on my other profiles :sr4sunglasses: :

:sr4eagle: Facebook: Nafiez Zudien https://www.facebook.com/nafizzizzuddin.noradzhar
:sr4eagle: Instagram: Zudien96 https://www.instagram.com/zudien96/
:sr4eagle: Origin: Zudien96
:sr4eagle: The Sims 3 Community: Nafizzizzuddin http://mypage.thesims3.com/mypage/NafizzIzzuddin
:sr4eagle: Uplay: ZimmeR_96
:sr4eagle: Rockstar SC: Zimmers96 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/zimmers96
:sr4eagle: Subscribe My Youtube Channel: Nafizz Zimmer https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-_4ToYwNsTvX4MvSBMxBlw

---------------------------------------- :SFvictory: :SFvictory: MY FAVORITE GAMES :SFvictory: :SFvictory: ------------------------------------------
:InjusticeFlash: Grand Theft Auto V
:InjusticeFlash: Riff Racer
:InjusticeFlash: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
:InjusticeFlash: The Sims 3
:InjusticeFlash: The Metronomicon
:InjusticeFlash: Age of Empires II: HD Edition
:InjusticeFlash: Cities XXL
:InjusticeFlash: Driver: San Francisco
:InjusticeFlash: Facerig
:InjusticeFlash: Simcity
:InjusticeFlash: Party Hard
:InjusticeFlash: Delieous Emily Series
:InjusticeFlash: Resident Evil 0 and 1
:InjusticeFlash: Tropico 4 and 5
:InjusticeFlash: Ark: Survival Evolve
:InjusticeFlash: Rise of Nations: Extended Edition
:InjusticeFlash: Emergency 2017
:InjusticeFlash: Hearth Medicines: Time To Heal
:InjusticeFlash: Pinball FX
:InjusticeFlash: Mass Effect 3
:InjusticeFlash: Dragon Age: Origins and Inquisition
:InjusticeFlash: Dirt 3: Complete Edition
:InjusticeFlash: How to Survive
:InjusticeFlash: Sid Meier's Civilization Series
:InjusticeFlash: Sonic All Stars Racing and Transformed
:InjusticeFlash: Euro Truck Simulator 2
:InjusticeFlash: Nekojishi

:happy_creep: HAVE A NICE DAY GAMERS :happy_creep:

:2016villain: *Im not talkative person, so im rare chats or comments with my friends but Im reply if someone want to chat with me. If you dont like or hate me with reason or no, please leave and unfriend me asap.* :2016villain:
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Zulf_:({ZimmeR}): Jun 20 @ 10:11am 
Thanks wolf. Woof~ ^w^ <3
The Wolf Jun 20 @ 12:49am 
:summersun: Happy Birthday :summersun:
Zulf_:({ZimmeR}): May 30 @ 11:29am 
Nice to meet u too Alex, my name is Zulf or Zimmer. Yes, im from Malaysia ^^
Wehrwolfmann May 30 @ 11:10am 
Hi! My name is Alexander! Nice to meet you! You really from Malaysia?
Zulf_:({ZimmeR}): Dec 27, 2017 @ 6:42am 
Maybe I can help you. Pm me
Zulf_:({ZimmeR}): Dec 27, 2017 @ 6:37am 
Yes, I had play lspdfr mod before and works fine but now i dont use it.