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Getting vr April 8th

Nuro Mar 27 @ 6:56am 
Corona virus on the rise, stay inside to not die. Hope you have a good weekend & remember wash hands :em_heart:
Nuro Mar 20 @ 1:50am 
Have a great weekend & remember Covid-19 is a load of bs :em_heart:
Nuro Mar 6 @ 7:05pm 
:fourstarball: Heya hope your having a good weekend
Chippy Mar 4 @ 8:04pm 
+rep might be gay:aha:
Nuro Feb 27 @ 9:50pm 
:Vegeta: Hey you know what time it is, Have a Amazing Weekend. :em_heart:
Nuro Feb 21 @ 7:38pm 
:markofgoku: Hey! Have A Great Weekend! :heartris: