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+ a very strong, complex, engaging, well developed dystopian story set in an interesting futuristic digital world. the game's conspiracy story has many Orwellian influences.
+ there are plenty of different and interesting locations
+ pressing and holding H button reveals hotspots and exits
+ enjoyable puzzles. they are not too easy or overly complicated. there are also inventory puzzles you can combine some items
+ likeable, empathic and relatable lead character
+ main and all of the side characters in it have rich, full backgrounds. they are interesting and believeable
+ dated but still good looking pre rendered graphics and character models
+ decent voice acting
+ well made cinematic cutscenes
+ background musics bolster to general atmosphere
+ game quite long
+ there are two ending (good and bad)


- awkward pathfinding and camera angles
- frustrating controls
- slow paced
- pixel hunting
- some exhausting and lengthy dialogues
- there is a lot of backtracking. you have to go back and forth some large areas
- The resolution is fixed at a 4:3 aspect ratio and can't be changed
- there are no achievements and cards
- game little bit buggy and glitchy

Overall, this is an decent old school adventure game. The Moment Of Silence has a great thought-provoking and well written script, well-developed interesting and diverse characters, but the game mechanics are quite old and cumbersome. therefore i recommended to play this game with an walkthrough.
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