Death Is Coming
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hey anyone who i'm mostly gonna be trading with i have a ban on my and which is not my fault i was hacked once and the person that hacked me used my account to try and scam people to get their items and make them believe that he just wanted to make sure the items he was trading with were real from them but he just wanted to scam them and they just thought the guy using my account was his account and two people reported me saying this account tried scamming them which was the guy who hacked into my account not me i got my account recovered and still have a ban on those websites which sucks a lot but let me tell you i'm not a scammer i don't try to fraud or cheat or hack or even try to make a very unfair trade i promise i hate scamming ,fraud ,cheating and especially unfair trades and lying too but like i said i got my account recovered and i'm the original owner so please don't worry about me trying to make a unfair trade or scam you at all i don't want to be known for that all so please don't be worried about the ban thing on my account or thanks for reading this whole thing i hope you understand this.
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MyFavoriteGent Sep 2 @ 10:13pm 
+rep good trader and is patient

he is not a scammer, someone hacked his account
jamesjoc Sep 2 @ 10:08pm 
someone hacked his accont he is not a scammer
Epidemia Jul 21 @ 10:33pm 
100% real no fake its very good