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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jan 10 @ 2:54am

Automated cleanup

Deconstruct 100 objects with the construction robots.
Unlocked Jan 10 @ 5:29am

Automated construction

Construct 100 machines using robots.
Unlocked Jan 10 @ 6:18am

Circuit veteran 1

Produce 1.0k advanced circuits per hour.
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 12:49am

Computer age 1

Produce 500 processing units per hour.
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 6:00am

Computer age 2

Produce 1.0k processing units per hour.
Unlocked Jan 20 @ 6:10am

You've got a package

Supply the player by logistic robot.
Unlocked Jan 22 @ 6:33am

Delivery service

Supply the player with 10k items delivered by logistic robots.
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 5:14am

Eco unfriendly

Research oil processing.
Unlocked Jan 8 @ 4:38am

Getting on track

Build a locomotive.
Unlocked Jan 7 @ 2:21am

Iron throne 1

Produce 20k iron plates per hour.
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 2:12am

It stinks and they dont like it

Trigger an alien attack by pollution.
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 11:59am

Mass production 1

Produce 10k electronic circuits.
Unlocked Jan 23 @ 7:30am

Run Forrest, run

Destroy 100 trees by impact.
Unlocked Jan 23 @ 7:29am


Destroy 10 spawners by impact.
Unlocked Jan 23 @ 4:48am

Trans-Factorio express

Have a train plan a path 1000 tiles or longer.

Circuit veteran 2

Produce 10k advanced circuits per hour.
8,325 / 10,000

Circuit veteran 3

Produce 25k advanced circuits per hour.
8,325 / 25,000

Computer age 3

Produce 5k processing units per hour.
1,549 / 5,000

Getting on track like a pro

Build a locomotive within the first 90 minutes of the game.


Survive a hit of 500 damage or more.
263 / 500

Iron throne 2

Produce 200k iron plates per hour.
154,126 / 200,000

Iron throne 3

Produce 400k iron plates per hour.
154,126 / 400,000

Lazy bastard

Win the game by crafting no more than 111 items manually.

Logistic network embargo

Win the game without building any active provider or requester chests.

Mass production 2

Produce 1M electronic circuits.
773,473 / 1,000,000

Mass production 3

Produce 20M electronic circuits.
773,473 / 20,000,000


Have 100 combat robots or more following you.
0 / 100

Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast

Finish the game.

No time for chitchat

Finish the game within 15 hours.

There is no spoon

Finish the game within 8 hours.


Destroy 10k trees with fire.
0 / 10,000

Raining bullets

Win the game without building any laser turrets.


Produce more than 10 GJ per hour using solar panels.

So long and thanks for all the fish

Steam all the way

Win the game without building any solar panels.

Tech maniac

Research all technologies.

Watch your step

Get killed by a moving locomotive.

You are doing it right

Construct more machines using robots than manually.