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Unlocked May 28 @ 10:29pm

Station A-45

Take 3 passengers to Emergency Station A-45
Unlocked May 28 @ 11:21pm

Yes You Can

Shoot a bird
Unlocked May 28 @ 10:56pm

Push Back

Kill 10 enemies by throwing objects at them

City of The Factories

Take 6 passengers to Ristol

The L-abs Bunker

Take 6 passengers to the L-abs Bunker

Following Orders

Take 6 passengers to Metropole

Home Safe

Get through the Metro Station without using a medkit

Side Effects

Destroy 3 other enemies by shooting an exploding enemy

Know When To Run

Get through any corrupted station without firing a bullet

Collateral Damager

Take out 4 enemies with one exploding barrel

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