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Personal Achievements

Forgotten knowledge

Reach level 100 with an Elementalist or Umbralist (character classes).

Steam Lord

Reach level 100 with a Constructor or Phlogistoneer (character classes).

Just a good ole' hunter

Reach level 100 with a Bounty Hunter or Protector (character classes).

Circle Unbroken

Complete the "Forgotten Knowledge", "Steam Lord" and "Just a Good ole' hunter" achievements.

Requiem for a dream

Die with a level 60 or higher hardcore character.

Eternal Glory

Reach Glory level 100.
0 / 100

Glory of a legend

Reach Reputation level 15.
0 / 15


Learn every Skill, Powerup and Mastery on a single branch of the Skill Tree with any Character Class.

Tower Defender

Finish a Tower Defense mission.

Viva la Resistance!

Finish a Resistance mission.

Just a sip

Drink lots of potions (shouldn't be that hard).
0 / 100

Treasure Hunter

Let's be honest here. The most important part of a game like Van Helsing is the LOOT! So go out there and gather as much as you can! From chests.
0 / 250

A good catch

Collect 1 million gold with any character.
0 / 1,000,000

A hunter with style

Equip a full collection of Set items.

I'm so Hardcore!

Finish the game with a Hardcore character.

Never Walk Alone

Finish the game playing mostly in coop.

Lone Wolf

Finish the game in single player all the way through.

But wait! There's more!

Complete a Daily Quest.

A change of pace

Finish a Scenario.

Tour the World

Play every Scenario type.
0 / 11

Perfect Plan

Finish a Tower Defense mission without letting any monster reach the gate.

Monsters' Bane

Killing lots of monsters will make you famous among the populace and infamous among the monsters.
0 / 3,872

Let loose the ghost of war

Let Lady Katarina kill a Boss. (Delivering the final blow is enough.)


Defeat Bosses to gain reputation!
0 / 25


Defeat Special Enemies to gain reputation!


Upgrade a Godlike item to its full potential.

In your face, Jones!

Collect 10 Relics for the Resistance.
0 / 10

Incredible Adventures

Complete all Achievements.

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