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Personal Achievements

Get Used To It

Die for the very first time.

A Good Day To Die

You Have Been Killed 100 times. Rejoice!

Someone’s Paying Attention!

Successfully avoid the first spike trap in the Bloodgrounds.

Man ‘O War

Kill every Beholder in the Hive without using mana.

Start As You Mean To Go On

Finish the Bloodgrounds without dying at all.

Thorn in My Herbicide

Defeat the Thorn Beast without losing any health.

Sure Footed As A Goat

Reached the top of the Blood Tower without falling in any gore pits.

Down Boy!

Defeat the Fire Hounds without losing any health.

Backdoor Man

Escape the Highlands Caves through the secret passage.

Flame Retardant

Complete Highlands level without killing an enemy with the flame blade.

Enjoy The Silence

Defeat the Banshee Queen without losing any health.

Killed by Death

Squash a Wolf Guard in a crusher trap.

Four Legged Friend

Complete the Wolf Run without losing any health.

Red In Tooth And Claw

Defeat Lupus Rex without losing any health.

Oh God, Mother! Blood! Blood!

Defeat the Mother Beholder without losing any health.

Death Becomes Her

Dispatch the Mother Beholder within 30 seconds.

A Snowball’s Chance in Hell

Hit 6 Ice Meteors back at the Ice Beast.

Ice To See You

Defeat the Ice Beast without losing any health.

Smack My Imp Up

Defeat Malikesh without losing any health.

The Sky Is Falling

Defeat Hogre without losing any health.

Kill ‘Em All

Slay 8 of your enemies in a trice.

Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha!

Successfully execute 100 Critical Strikes.

Right Back Atcha

Destroy 30 enemies with reflected projectiles.


Watch 30 enemies get killed by traps.

Hail the Great Horned Metal God!

Headbang after every single boss has been defeated.

That’ll Come In Handy...

Find all five pieces of the Talisman.

Vroll With It

Kill Vroll without taking any damage.

Swift of Foot, Keen of Blade

Destroy Vroll and liberate Chalh within 3 minutes.

Too Metal For Magic

Defeat the game without using any Mana.

Heart Of Steel

Defeat the game without losing a single life.