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Personal Achievements

Veteran Crew

Reach Crew Level 25
0 / 25

The Ancient Sentry

Defeat the Ancient Sentry

No Questions Asked

Complete Rumibard Warger's artifact collection missions


Win the Sandscar Arena

Big Spender

Spend 100,000 credits in a single game
0 / 100,000

Master Chef

Perfectly cook 5 biscuits in a row

Biscuit Madness

Leap of Faith

Blind jump 5 times in a single game
0 / 5

The Caustic Corsair

Defeat the Caustic Corsair

Seeking Death

Defeat a Deathseeker


As captain, pacify 25 hostile ships
0 / 25


Make 150 jumps
0 / 150


As captain, extort 25 ships
0 / 25

The Forsaken Flagship

Complete the W.D. Corporation faction mission line

Galaxy In Chaos

Reach Chaos level 6
0 / 6

The Great Biscuit Race

Win the Fluffy Biscuit Company sales competition

The Grim Cutlass

Defeat the Grim Cutlass

Hold Still

Heal 5,000 hit points on your allies
0 / 5,000

Dice Champion

Win a game of Liar’s Dice

The Madman's Mansion

Complete the Alliance of Gentlemen faction mission line


Reach crew level 10 without dealing any damage


Research 10 talents
0 / 10

The Swarm

Defeat the Swarm

The Wasted Wing

Complete the Colonial Union faction mission line

First Place

Win the Ion Races

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