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Posted: Feb 18 @ 2:58am

Ruling party with 0 vote and 0 popularity at the beginning of the game... This is extremely stupid. The Game itself is extremely repetitive and forcing you to adopt liberal policies. If you are not a SJW, that means you are a religious person etc. This is really stupid.
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Developer response:
cliffski  [developer] Posted: Feb 25 @ 5:00am
You can let the intelligence services torture suspects, implement ID cards, force public servants to takea religious and patriotic oath, have flags on street corners, broadcast the national anthem at the start of the news, you can ban gay marriage, ban abortion, ban women from driving, give the police machineguns, wire-tap everyone, put CCTV cameras everywhere, give the police tasers, drones, tear gas and water cannon, build a border wall, refuse entry to refugees, and tear up race relations and gender discrimination legislation... and lots more.

I'm not sure how any of that makes the game aligned with SJWs or a liberal agenda.

The game accurately reflects the policies in place in each country, right now in the real world. If you want to change them, and change society you can. Thats literally how the game is played.
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