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"The Letter" is the best visual novel I've every played, and I'm not making statements like this lightly. I think, the last time I wrote something like that, was in my review for "Danganronpa" and this game... Oh, boy, this game offers so much more than I was expecting.

What's great?

Plot. Simple, but interesting concept (remember those annoying chain letters?) gets turned into something incredibly complicated and engaging. It was obviously inspired by Asian horror movies pale lady, long black hair all over her face, crawling around and making scary noises - yes, we've seen it a thousands of times, but it was done in truly outstanding way. You have curse, you have hunted mansion, mysteries of the past, yadda, yadda, all those classic horror elements, but everything works perfectly, thus showing, that cliches aren't necessary a bad thing, as long as you use them to tell a compelling story.

Characters. There are seven main characters, each one with their own chapter, each with their own issues, interests and decisions, that will impact not only the main story, but their relationship with each other. The best thing any story can do, is make you care about characters. With horrors, it's especially important, since it makes everything much more engaging and tense. I cared about every single one them - Becca, Ash, Belle, Zach, Hannah, Marianne, even Luke. Yes, Luke! Guy, I literally hated during first four chapters, to then completely change my mind and consider him my favorite protagonist - that proves how good the writing for this game is. Characters are complicated and even though I found some of their behaviors unrealistic, it was never breaking the immersion.

Visuals! Moving sprites. Moving backgrounds. Moving CGs. I generally don't care that much about visual side of games, but here, art is not only incredible, but also adds so much to the atmosphere. Whenever the monster shows up... Wow. I could feel like something is crawling on my skin.

Sounds. This is literally the most important thing, when we talk about horror games. "The Letter" has amazing sound design. The music is great, it always fits the atmosphere of the scenes, and sounds, no matter if it we talk about frightening screams or gentle laughs, or some stuff going in the background, make this game incredibly immersive experience. Also, it has voice acting. I don't like to play visual novels with V/A, but I've turned it on during few scenes, and it's good.

Fear. Fear, just as humor, is very subjective thing. Games like FNAF and dozens of "Fnaf wannabies" made a lot of people believe that jumpscares are just cheap horror tricks, with no substance. I disagree with that - good jumpscare, in the right moment, is something that will make your skin crawl. This game has jumpscares - great jumpscares, may I add. It also has gore. It has psychological horror. It has pretty much everything you could expect from a title like this. Whatever you enjoy, when it comes to horror, you won't be disappointed.

Choices matters. Finally. Even those little ones, that affects how characters think about each other, how they react in certain situations, and so on. But there are also big choices. The one that affects who survive and who doesn't, how the story will go, and how will it end. "The Letter" offers more branching paths than I've ever seen, with many endings and possibilities.

In short:

If you like either good horror stories, or good visual novels, it's a must have. It's absolutely worth the price, visuals are outstanding and pretty much set a new level for other games in that genre, the sound design is amazing, voice acting is good, plot is deep and engaging, with great characters and both darker and lighter moments. Add to that, important choices and branching paths, and you have a nearly perfect game. Or just perfect. I think "The Letter" fully deserves this sort of praise.

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