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"Hustle Cat" is a true gem among visual novels, that are currently available on Steam. I absolutely adore this game. That being said, if you are interested in buying it, there are two things you need to consider. First of all, it's short. When you look at my playtime (add 1 or 2 hours for offline), you should know, that it took me that little to finish the WHOLE game (all six routes). Another thing is that decisions have very slight impact on the game, they are pretty much limited to choosing the character you will end up with. And while each route presents new scenes with your "chosen one", the overall storyline remains the same, no matter who will you pick. I write about it here, because even though, usually, I considered things like that a flaw, that didn't bother me at all with this game.

[h1]Great things:[/h1]

Plot. It's light-hearted for the most part, but besides humor and warm atmosphere, it has intrigue, danger, it has stakes, it has tension and mystery, so everything you could expect from a game like this. Plus, writing is great.

Protagonist. Avery (name, for same reason, isn't changeable) is very relatable protagonist. They are adorably awkward at times, sweet, caring and smart. Also, I like how you can chose your pronounces (He/She/They). I think more visual novels should implement system like this, to give their players flexibility when it comes to romance options.

Characters. They look different from each other and they behave in a different way. They are not cliche and each of them has an interesting story. I liked every single one pursuable character. Graves and Mason are definietely my favorite. If I would have to pick my least favorite, that would be Finley - I like her as a character, but her route felt waaaay over the top and I didn't enjoy her ending. Still, all routes are worth exploring.

The feels. I'm not very sentimental person. I don't cry on "Titanic" and I don't really care about "The Notebook" and other tear-squezers, so when game is able to make me tear up a bit, that game does something right.

Maaaagic! I love the fact, that this game doesn't take itself completely seriously and, with full awareness, often reminds players that "magic is weird, huh!". At the same time, I really appreciate those little details, that are thrown on various routes and explain more about how magic work in this game-world.


[h1]Bad things:[/h1]

Skipping. Dear God. Scrolling? Seriously? It still takes way too long and you can skip over seen text, which is annoying. There is also a skip button. That skips everything so slowly, that you can literally step away from your computer and make yourself something to drink. Oh, but when you come back, you may also realize, it skipped over not-seen text. This is a basic function for visual novel these days, so it's almost baffling to see how bad it was implemented.

Lack of options. Option menu has like four functions. No speed regulation, no skipping options, nothing of importance to someone, who doesn't want to regulate music.

Technical difficulties. First of all, there are moments, when you need to click several times before the dialogue moves on (and I'm not talking about those moments, where dialogue is still added to the same box). Then, saving either goes smoothly and takes a second or the game will freeze for a good few minutes. At one of those time, I needed to Ctrl+F4 my way out of it and restart my laptop soon after, because game was still running at the background and slowed everything so much, that I was unable to close it even via Process Monitor. Then, if that wasn't enough, there are issues with achievements. I needed to go through one scene like four times before Steam registered that I actually did what I suppose to do.

Character's "customization". It may seem unreasonable to complain about optional feature, but I feel like there is a reason to do it in that case. When you start the game, you can chose between two very similar avatars. Both are rather boy-ish looking, both have white hair and the same eye color. The only variations comes from skin colors. Picking between how my character looks did absolutely nothing to make the game more enjoyable or immersive. I would much rather have an option to change my character's name (it's very strange that this wasn't implemented), than having this slight, barely noticeable difference between protagonist's look. I'm bringing this up, because I feel like this had an impact on price. And that lead me to the next point.

Price. When I truly enjoy something, I usually try to avoid judging price as "too high", but in this case, it would be hard to avoid and dishonest. I like this game a lot, but my playtime, technical difficulties, similarities between the routes and general lack of content (especially when I compare this game to other visual novels in the same price-range), makes it hard to justify selling "Hustle Cat" for 20€. I've picked it up for half the price and I recommend you to do the same, if you don't want to feel disappointed.


"Hustle Cat" is one of the bast "dating" visual novels currently available on Steam. It has options for all genders and sexual preferences, it has great story, solid writing and absolutely adorable characters, that will stay in my memories for long. I will probably replay this game at some point and, as someone with a huge backlog, that is not something I declare lightly. I really hope that developers will create something equally magical in the future (just with better engine).

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