enlisted (opposing force)
Adrian Shephard   Gibraltar
Minä panin ikkunaan pahvisuojan että edes jossakin lämmin ois
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LukeYui Jul 16 @ 10:43am 
+++rep v. v. v. cute :necroheart: + level 3 technician + blue text engineer
LukeYui Jun 21 @ 9:37am 
Confirmed big boss ❤️
Ezra Jun 19 @ 10:36am 
Fun fact, this guy is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Winner. yeah, who the ♥♥♥♥ are you?
Ezra Jun 13 @ 12:12pm 
you have committed a massive sin sir!!! abusing aim assist vs honest keyboard players >:(, how dare you my dad works at respawn and i'm gonna have him ban you then you can build a lego set like a man GET THAT A$$ BANNED :3
jaded May 2 @ 9:47pm 
hey uh... spotted you across the duelyard... stares at ground s-sorry if this is a little forward, but i think you're pushes fingers together p-p-pretty cute. ahhh im sorry, im such a dweeb kicks dirt hopefully youll forgive me for being so creepy but... i really think youre beautiful. your armor fits you in the nicest way, and forgive me for b-being a weirdo... but i think your butt looks nice in that chainmail skirt... GAH did i just say that ooo im so sorry blushes and covers mouth i really didnt mean anythin by it im so sorry.... please dont hate me. if you totally dont think of me as a creep by now then maybe we can duel some time flourishes hey... cmon... flourish back flourishes hello? sword salutes y-you there? feints you hello??? wake up??? cmon duel me! what are you doing! stop ignoring me!!! flourishes what are you doing! jump kicks you cmon! feints you.... why cant we just... yknow duel? pleaaaase? okay im sorry haha.... sorry... can we duel now?