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Please add some suitable comment on my profile before you send me a friend request! I -DON'T- accepting whoever has a private profile, scammers, cheaters, phishing. I don't trades at all anymore.
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Error ...just northing Jul 13 @ 12:05am 
Sure thing
I tried even I made it private cause lot account got highjacked butwelp better luck next time
Wanna say that you nice person and I want meet and chat new people
I know my grammar is bad
So well ^^;
Courtney (Stormwolf) Jul 12 @ 11:45pm 
Hey, though I haven't seen nor meeting with you before first time.
However, afraid I'd have to declined your request due to... your poor grammar in your profile info, you'll have fix this later and you must have to give me a good reason -- other than having a few friend in said.
Error ...just northing Jul 12 @ 10:55pm 
My profile is private only freinds
But have like 3 mates or 2 in common
Requesting add you
Courtney (Stormwolf) Jul 9 @ 5:18pm 

Welcome aboard, my colonel!
C0L.GH0ST Jul 9 @ 3:41pm 
Talked on discord
Good friend
Here,you earn my :drink_rum:
Sisyphe Jun 23 @ 1:14pm 
thank you!