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Setting set up and story done well.
Mechanics of tabletop probably 75% the same with the other 25% well done simulating very similar effects.
Graphicly looks like mechwarrior online.
Some voice over.
Some cut scenes about story with the animated picture style (like the trailer).
Not open world but still a mercenaries game with tons of optional content and random missions.
-The updates have now added a open world career mode.
More like mechcommander then mechwarrior.
Can customize your mechs very similar to mwo or most battletech games, can't change engine size though.
-More equipment and mechs have been added through updates and dlc.
Introduces new concepts thats don't feel out of the setting, instead of piolting rolls you have a stability meter like the heat meter, there is equipment that gives unique modifiers and weapons that have bonuses built into them.
-Some of the new weapons added and gear seem a tad bit out of place, mostly thinking of the coil gun.

Very steep learning curve if you are new to the setting/system of battletech/mechwarrior. If you have played the other games you will just need to learn the new systems and minor nuance changes of the old ones.

Has performance issues currently, remember if you don't like the combat cam you can change how it works.
-If anything the performance issues are even worse now.

Overall I think if you like the setting and you like mech custimization of the series as a whole, you'll love this.

IMO 8/10
Feel free to join my discord, where it's mostly weeb stuff and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, as well as lewds and monster girls.

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I feel like my profile is dead becuase it hasn't changed in years...but i still look at the anime tiddies and lolis all over it and think...maybe the real issue is i already achived perfection
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Everything i love isn't real.
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Things fall apart.
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Burn the liars and salt the earth.