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Andy   Washington, United States
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My profile comments are currently locked due to scammers adding those who comment on my profile

I accept all adds and keep most people on my friends list until my friends list is full, in which case I will remove people I don't recognize.

I am also a price mod for backpack.tf, so I am happy to answer any suggestion related questions!
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Send me a trade offer!

Taking offers on 200+ unusuals. I welcome any and all offers, even if you think they are low, so don't be afraid to offer :)
- Adds > Trade offers. You can't negotiate in trade offers, so unless you are offering my buyout adding always works better. I will respond quickly to negotiate.
- I tend to leave up trade offers to keep my options open. Feel free to add me to discuss if your offer gets left up and you want to negotiate it further.
- I will accept good offers very fast; if you haven't gotten a response in an hour or two its probably too low or I am asleep.
- If I decline your offer, it is too low. Feel free to re-offer with more or add me to discuss.

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Hunter Biden's Laptop 29 oct. à 17h25 
Honest trader, always a pleasure doing business with, +++Rep+++.....:ss13ok:
SkeleKay | Mostacho Collector 21 oct. à 15h21 
+rep fast and easy trader, highly recommend!
refv 2 oct. à 22h03 
Sent offer
A_Puzzle 29 sept. à 16h12 
+rep Nice guy quick trade
hoobins 23 sept. à 16h15 
+rep friendly and quick
scouty 21 sept. à 17h19 
+rep epic :mhseymour: