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Hello There!
-I'm Gurei (Japanese pronouncing), means Gray in English. One of my favorite character, based on both of our characteristics.
-"The fact that you detest this face of mine... delights me"
-Name and quote taken from Rōdo Erumeroi Nisei no Jikenbo - The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II, written by Nasu, the creator of Fate, Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai universe.
-Favorite movie and the movie that represented me the most: A Silent Voice (Eiga Koe no Katachi) (2016), the main male character in the second half.
-The name Garysanderson96 is my main gaming name/callsign.
-I also game on Origin (EA), Uplay (Ubisoft), (Activision), GOG and Epic.
-Discord: Gurei#5113
-Origin: Garysanderson96 (Battlefield), Roachsanderson96 (Star Wars).
-Uplay: Garysanderson96
-Blizzard: Sanderson96
-Epic: Garysanderson96
-Just recently got a Nintendo Switch
-Switch: Roach96 (DM discord for Friend Code).
- Corporal of the II Corps, 6th LA, A Company Garysanderson96 in War of Rights (Although I have no idea how I got this rank to be honest).
-Trying to be friendly and nice to everybody. Not toxic, always trying to find friends to play co-op or just play in squad together.
-And trying to find the time to play with everyone. I’m a dumb, slow-poke and boring, probably have every characteristic of a boring, nerdy and rude person. :)
-I like military and history games, they can be FPS, Third Person Shooter, Strategy. I play Japanese games occasionally and sometimes other genre and theme but, really limited and don't play a lot, well, except for being invited by friends.
-My youtube channel:
-Just a foreword for my channel, I upload or stream to there so that in the future I can rewatch it, for memory sake. If, I repeat, if you came and start expecting like a pro streamer or some s***, then leave. Hell, I don't even care if my video got dislike or not, and yes, I know I suck, thank you for pointing that out, Holmes.
-Otherwise, Nice to meet you all. :steamhappy::steamhappy: :Lunar_Tear:
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Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer

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WasdN Sep 19 @ 1:03pm 
Can you give me a some skins ?
Rollonleviking Dec 23, 2020 @ 1:07am 
Peace and love on earth !
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.......... :steamhappy::steamhappy::steamhappy:..........
Amir AmoOoOoOoOo Oct 26, 2020 @ 5:01am 
hi bro can u help me with flash point dragon rising co-op we cant join the srver pls help me if u can ill added u
Stalwart94 Sep 14, 2020 @ 4:56pm 
+rep Loves war games. A generous trader and most importantly, a good friend :sothappy:
⚓ 🅵🅸🅴🅳🅻🅴🆁 Sep 9, 2020 @ 10:15am 
hi! r u in chat?