Eric Rivera   Virginia, United States
Sometimes I play good sometimes I dont depending if im in the mood that day! and im not a meme
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✪ Bot Doc May 10, 2017 @ 4:26pm 
Sorry my dude that I forgot to sign this
Much Love and good luck to ya ~Bot Doc
Tsuny^ ♛ Apr 7, 2017 @ 2:58pm 
thomas why dont you have your comments opened?
Pun ^SAIYAJIN^ Apr 4, 2017 @ 6:15pm 
I also like how you call me shit when you pretty much had the same score as me nice one
Pun ^SAIYAJIN^ Apr 4, 2017 @ 6:14pm 
Didn't miss my whole clip and also in that round I was left in a 1v3 you not contributing to it
ratsalad Apr 4, 2017 @ 4:04pm 
You sprayed from kat to long, missing every single shot like the shitter than you are. So, keep bullshitting but you are still an awful player.
Pun ^SAIYAJIN^ Apr 4, 2017 @ 4:04pm 
The dumbass under this comment sucked massive cock that game with no cordination at all and nick said and I quote "why did you spray at that guy.". That guy was an enemy