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Sep 6 @ 5:34am
In topic Stupid Bots
Originally posted by Sam:
They're trying to tell you not to rely on ranged so much. Use Melee, superior method.

Not when you're targeting an elite in a horde. also. my post does not indicate how much or how little i use range. i could avoid range entirely til a boss and have this still happen
Sep 5 @ 3:09am
In topic Stupid Bots
If there is a bot in my game and its set to follow me it will do its utmost to stand DIRECTLY in my cross hair.

If they could stop ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ with my ability to play the game, that would be nice.

(Sorry for the snark but its gotten really ridiculous)
Originally posted by dasKoRn:
Originally posted by Archia:

Ah yes the Necromancer who would be killed by everyone.
The Dwarfs have long standing Grudges against the Undead and those who utilise Magic to create Undead, Kruber has a personal Trauma involving a Necromancer (lost his entire Company to one - Sole Surviver if I remember correctly -) and I don´t need to mention GRAIL KNIGHT I mean thats obivous; while Woodelves have both Dark and Light as a Balance, Undead goes against Nature.
Oh yeah right and the Sigmar-Fanboy will be delighted to welcome a Necromancer into his group.

Nevermind that Sienna probably disliked Necromancers too (as do nearly all Mages, even the Mages of Shyish have to fight the stigma) even more so because of her Twin-Sister.

Ice-Witch could be fun, but Master Vigilant was thrown around a lot and makes sense considering Siennas Twin-Sister-Dilemma (is she alive or not? Who know?)

For those that don´t know what a Master Vigilant is:

did you selectively forget the shade? there is no way ANY of the other "classes" would be okay with a Shade Elf bouncing around behind them.

not to mention a zealot and an Unchained wouldn't mix either.

and neither you, nor i can rule out Necromancer. i do distinctly remember the undead and the good guys teaming up at one point or more during the endtimes.

Originally posted by Mira:
Originally posted by dasKoRn:

Ah yes thank you for that reply, I guessed from your post history that you are either a Troll or someone who has next to no knowledge about the Warhammer Fantasy Lore.

It´s hard to guess what other career Sienna´s come next so i have no clue about the new character. I know Warhammer games i played Mark of Chaos and that stuff. Just about Sienna im unsure.

I mean, i think the most evil character we have right now is a shade, and thats pushing it. a Chaos Wizard is already in game and its not a friendly.

We're more likely to get another flame caster or maybe ice witch. if they wanted to push the evil envelope they could make her a necromancer.
One of the fan art submissions, the one by @sarrisrainbows reminds me of the Evil Temple from the old Black & White Video game.
Jul 16 @ 1:14am
In topic Morghur and Herdstone upgrading
Originally posted by Shortyzz:
On the total war forums, I saw the bug of the co-op campaign being marked as '' in progres'', and it has a response from a CA moderator on the mod, saying they passed it on to the developers.

Knew it would only be a matter of time, thanks for bringing the news :)
Jul 16 @ 12:49am
In topic Morghur and Herdstone upgrading
Originally posted by Algurt:
Does anyone know if abandoning the herdstone, or restarting can fix this issue? Does one player have to buy all the upgrades for this to work? Playing with a friend and wondering what I can do to not break our campaign

Abandoning did not help me in any way. according to an above post. try starting a new campaign.
Jul 16 @ 12:48am
In topic Morghur and Herdstone upgrading
Originally posted by Shortyzz:
Just had a co-op campaign with me as Taurox and my friend as Malagor. He could upgrade, I could not upgrade to T2 ( even though I unlocked it).

The exact same set-up, but a different campaign (we restarted it) had no issues.

So no issues on a clean new campaign? weird if its just random.
Jul 14 @ 2:00pm
In topic Morghur and Herdstone upgrading
odd but i wouldn't be surprised.
Jul 14 @ 12:17pm
In topic Morghur and Herdstone upgrading
So i just did a Malagor campaign. No issue.

Morghur is bugged.

And yes i did Hippo. there was no reason why i couldn't i just couldn't. Post release jank. should be fixed soon enough.
Jul 14 @ 10:14am
In topic Morghur and Herdstone upgrading
So im doing a co-op with a mate as the Brass Bull, he has his Herd stone (His first one) at T3, with the corresponding upgrade, i have T2 upgrade bought BUT it wont let me upgrade my Herdstone as my mate did his.

From all the wording i can find, i should be able to upgrade but it simply would not let me.
Jul 11 @ 11:37am
In topic Twink Invasions
Also that was partly hyperbolic do not quote the one punch thing, it was to get the point across
Jul 11 @ 11:36am
In topic Twink Invasions
Originally posted by quazaarg:
Most of them probably aren't actually twinks. A twink I can respect, because to invade at low levels with end game gear, you need to actually be very good at the game. Most people these days though probably just use honest merchant to cheat their way into getting what they want. Kind of a shame, I haven't played DS3 in a while because of the current state of online play and playing it offline just isn't the same. Oh well, hopefully Elden Ring will do better.

That is just the Dark Souls way though, I'm afraid. If you're embered, you will be invaded. Best advice I can give you is to just not use embers. They give you very little benefit anyway.

No you don't need to be good. you can easily be carried or just powered up by others, do not. EVER respect a twink ESPECIALLY not one at the High wall.

Getting invaded by someone close to your level, higher or lower whatever, is fine. getting matched with someone who can punch you bare fisted once and kill you is stupid.

last i played today i ran into a twink with a parry shield and dark hand with a early armor set, he dropped an ember after slaughtering my summon, so i stopped pointing him down (That emote has a valid use) accepted it and dueled him. he won because he was more familiar with his twink set up then i was my assassin starting set up (New computer, new character)

I will still be playing and stuff, invade me all you like. i enjoy the pvp in a sick twisted masochistic kind of way but dont dumptruck new players is my point in all this.
Jul 11 @ 11:31am
In topic Twink Invasions
Originally posted by lpnlizard27:
No such thing as end game gear.

Technically speaking, the meta weapons/shield are available at the high wall.

there is end game gear. Gaels sword is end game. having that at the high wall.. just shush.

ALso. Invading is fine, i have no issue with it, regardless of build but if you're going to rock up at the second bonfire of the High wall and just point down the host and nuke him because he can't defend himself properly against a darn Twink then point down again its just beyond stupid.

Stop it, get some help, buy some macdonalds and go away. This post is mostly just ranting about dumbster level players honestly. i have died to my fair share of them but seeing new players get wrecked by them hurts my soul on a whole different level.

like. what is the gain there? cuz its certainly not a new player to the player base if that is ALL THEY ENCOUNTER IS TWINKS. i mean i think it started leveling out around the swamp but you still run into them.
Jul 11 @ 8:10am
In topic Twink Invasions
So. i recently reinstalled. soul level 0 (or 1 or whatever) and every single time i get summoned. i end up getting sent home because a Twink has invaded with literal end game PVP gear kinda stuff and gone straight for the host.

Like. Why??? you are not skilled. at the point you are at in the game you should not need embers? want pvp? go play Sea of Thieves, why you gotta ruin a new persons day? like, go away. let timmy enjoy his new toy for a bit before you cram a cart down his throat. Christ fam.
Jun 14 @ 11:36am
In topic On sale?
For context, i rarely look at pre-ordering. i don't ever have money for that but when i stumbled on the related game and saw a discount on the pre-order it left me bewildered as i simply haven't seen a pre-order put on sale. at all. Okami, suck an egg. go be an unnecessary prick on someone else's time. that's all your original comment necessitates.

Thanks for responding and answering my post rocket2guns. I may still not pre-order but i feel far more encouraged to.
Jun 12 @ 4:53am
In topic On sale?
Why is the Pre-Purchase on sale? that is a horrid thing to do pre release.

like... why? did you not want me to pre-purchase? putting that on sale tells me they dont think it will be good.
Feb 18 @ 5:18pm
In topic Iron Gates and Carts
Can something be done to Iron Gates to allow Carts to more easily pass through them, like as in when you place two Gates down to form a larger door, their frames meet in the middle are a Carts bane. Please, Please do *something* about that.
i would honestly accept silence at this point.
it would be fine.... were it sprinkled with other voice lines.
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