[UPRPRC] Serene♪
Hentai Scientist Serene SPECIAL Lv. 6969
我们说好不分离 :blaser: Trade Link
If I didn't accept your friend request, you can click "more info".

I'll accpet any friend request from anyone that leave a comment on my profile and meet at least 2 of these condition below:
:rbrb1:Your steam level is > 10.
:rbrb2:Your profile is public (if you're a trader your inv must be public too)
:rbrb3:We have at least 3 friends in common.
:rbrb4:I knew you or met you somewhere in game. If you meet this then it'll be accepted.
:rbrbr1:You're not a scammer / scum / @sshole. I'll immediately block these kinds of people.
:rbrbr2:Toxic people are blocked on sight, so please learn how to behave like a good child rather than a badass tormentor.
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* Now playing: Rabi-Ribi Original Soundtrack - 38 Hi-Tech Duel [music.163.com]

:rbrbu3: * 人家只想好好玩游戏写音乐画画,闲暇时做一些 羞羞的 事情,仅此而已。
:rbrbu3: * 玩的很杂,不过玩得多的就是求生、橙汁和红警3啦。平时喜欢舔兔兔
:rbrbu3: * 留言什么的我不是很感兴趣,但在我主页的正常留言基本都会回。

L4D2 - 多半玩专家写专八特流感,偶尔死门。600小时以下慎入,我还没有强到能够1带3。
TF2 - Trade mostly. I play every class but I don't excel at any class, smh. Named “Mei” in game usually.
橙汁 - I play speed 2 only (which is very rare in public online games, so I spend most of the time with CPU players), hopefully that explains why I have a long play time and a relatively low level. I like using Flying Castle, Poppo, Yuki and Sora.

steamID: STEAM_0:1:96617533
steamID3: [U:1:193235067]
steamID64: 76561198153500795

一只 百合 女性玩家的 表情收藏柜
I'll rather appreciate it if you don't read this... some sort of mixture of Rabi-Ribi and 100% Orange Juice...
:rbrb1: * Phew... We managed to knock this seagull out...!
:rbrbr3: * Yeah... Though Ribbon feels messed up...
:rbrbu2: * Hey guys, there are many stars dropping from the sky!
:rbrbr2: * Ohhh! It's so beautiful! Now it's time for a victory show for this great victory!
:rbrb2: * Umm, maybe we can now talk about rebuilding our Rabi Rabi Island before commencing this party?
:rbrbr1: * Yeah, the Rabi Rabi Town is also a mess, we can use these stars to finish the job.
:rbrbu2: * That's right, I guess I'll be taking all of these to repair my Palace.
:rbrb3: * Wait, what? I've been donating all my Cocoa Bombs to help your fight, shouldn't these belong to me?
:rbrbu3: * Uhh, I think things are not going well...
:rbrbu1: * Yeah, I can feel a serious debate impending...
:rbrbr2: * Come on now, before you figure out how to divide these stars, how about I use them to make a super big show? I'll become a superstar!
:rbrb4: * With these stars I'll become the most famous scientist in Rabi Rabi Island, so you may just leave them to me instead of debating.
:rbrbu2: * Look, my pyramid is already half-destroyed, these stars should be used to make my palace good as new!
:rbrb3: * It took 6000 stars to use a Cocoa Bomb and you've used a lot of them, so I'm gonna take all of these!
:rbrbr2: * Geez, why do all of you plan to use these shiny stuff on some meanless things... I shall take these and make a big show, and make myself an idol!
:rbrb4: * Just stop debating already! Using these stars for my research on our world is way better than what you guys said!
:rbrbu2: * Huh? I did the most damage to that thing, I'm the MVP! I deserve those stars!
:rbrb3: * Without my bombs, all you did means nothing! I shall be the one who get those stars!
:rbrbr2: * The idol always got your back, you should leave them to the one who did the most things!
:rbrb4: * Did you forget about my debuffs? Remember how I did 10+ damage with that? And don't tell me you think you can do anything without my magic, I shall have them!
:rbrbu2: * So you wanna pick up fight?
:rbrb3: * Cocoa won't lose!
:rbrbr2: * Fine! Let's settle this like idols!
:rbrb4: * You all are going to have a bad time, let's fight!
*Pandora, Cocoa, Seana and Ashuri fighting each other*
:rbrb1: * Uhh... Why are they fighting each other?
:rbrbr3: * Ribbon can't believe they still have the strength to fight...
:rbrbu1: * Now this is another problem... How to deal with these stars...?
:rbrbr1: * Hmm, how about I take these stars? They won't fight for that any more!
:rbrbu3: * You did nothing in that fight, you know. I think I can get them, so they will be like "those stars disappeared".
:rbrbr1: * Oh Saya you are so mean!
:rbrbu3: * I just told you the truth, Miru.
:rbrb1: * ...Are you guys gonna have a fight too?
:rbrbu1: * Hey, if you are all like this, I'll be taking these stars and restore everything!
:rbrb2: * Only if you're faster than me!
:rbrb1: * Wah! Master goes rogue too!
:rbrb2: * Now, the one who beat the entire UPRPRC will earn those precious stars! Let us begin!
:rbrbr1: * Hehehe... Things are getting funny!
:rbrbu2: * Great, now it's legal to fight for these stars, take this!
:rbrb3: * Eat my Bombs!
:rbrbr2: * I won't lose!
:rbrb4: * Let's do this!
* Mass fighting sound
:rbrbr3: * Ok... Let's just get out of here...
* Erina and Ribbon ran away.
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NOTE: Since all CPU players can roll 6 at some key situations that really get you annoyed, you're recommended to join online games for better experience. I've been doing tests with CPU players. Someday I'll show you those results and tell you how "fair" the RNG is.

You'll need 99% skill and 1% luck to win in this game.

But your luck is much more essential than your skill.

You may disagree with my opinion. But I'm pretty sure that you'll finally change your mind after encountering one of these situations.

1. 就算闪避+4也躲不掉别人5的攻击(而且你还被KO了);
1. You fail to evade an attack of 5 even if you have additional +4 EVD (and you are KO'd);

2. 用了加速卡片也不能追上并解决一个残血的对手;
2. You fail to catch up with and finish off an opponent who has low HP even if using cards like "Dash!".

3. 假设你和另一个玩家(姑且叫他Alpha)已满足胜利的条件(200颗星或者14胜),并且你离自己家很近,而Alpha离自己家很远但是离别人家很近。Alpha先扔骰子,结果刚好在别人家里停下获胜。
3. Assuming you and one player (we'll call him Alpha) have met the requirement for the final norma (200 stars or 14 wins), and you are very close to your homebase while Alpha is far away from his own one but near another player's one. Alpha rolls dice first, and he "accidently" stops at another player's homebase and wins the game.

4. 自己满血结果被别人一血反杀(当然对手不是Syura)。
4. You're KO'd by an opponent (any character except Syura) who has only 1 HP (and you're even at full HP, and of course, you attack first).

5. 奖励时丢1,惩罚时丢6(想想在x2奖励上面扔两个1和x2惩罚上面扔两个6的感觉,真是想砸电脑)。
5. You always roll 1 on Bonus Panels and roll 6 on Drop Panels (Just think about rolling 1+1 on x2 bonus and 6+6 on x2 drop, it's bloody RIDICULOUS).

6. 在惩罚格上面跟人战斗,战斗里面两次都是1而惩罚的时候就是6。
6. You're fighting against someone on Drop Panel, you rolled 1 in that battle but you rolled 6 for drop.

7. 残血时总是走到战斗格或者别人前面一两格。
7. You always walk into Encounter Panels (or Boss Panels) or someplace where your opponent can easily catch you when you're low on HP.

That's all I guess. Don't take those wins or loses seriously (ignore this if in campaign, keep losing in the same stage is really annoying). It's pretty much a fun to play with friends.

One last thing, no matter how unlucky you are in the early games (for example, keep rolling poorly in battle and bonus), please don't ragequit and please stay determined. As long as the game still continues, you'll finally get the chance to turn the table. If you're in single player game, RAGEQUIT AT WILL.

I fear no man, but those ones who treat this game as a competitive game (you need much luck to win instead of skill and experience so I have no idea how it can be a competitive game) rather than a casual game... they scare me.

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:rbrbr2: * Promise we can meet
:rbrbr2: * underneath the lonely tree
:rbrbr2: * When I had no one
:rbrbr2: * you cared about me
:rbrbr2: * When we were far apart
:rbrbr2: * I always knew
:rbrbr2: * You'll be there for me
:rbrbr2: * I'll be there for you

There're 3 Arcana Tree in this world.

"Take care of my old arcana tree ;3; it has a good home now:bolt:"
- ZeroPC , one of its original owner

The first one is level 8, which I haven't found its presence up to now.

The second one is level 28 [backpack.tf], owned by this man .

The last one is level 46 [backpack.tf], right here, right now and right where it belongs.

Feel free to offer on anything in my inventory, but don't lowball, or I'll block you.

Flavor Text
Serene - AT 69 DF 255
* The power of UPRPRC renders her invulnerable. [Check]
* She's STILL invulnerable to all attacks. [Check 2#]
* She'll never take damage, really! [Check 3#]
* Literally invulnerable. [Check 4+#]
* Serene tires of your aimless shenanigans. [Repeatedly checking, sparing or missing the attack for 5 continuous turns.]

SERENE blocks the way! [Encounter]
Smells like a hentai scientist. [Neutral]
Serene. [Neutral]
The power of UPRPRC shines within Serene. [Neutral]

You talked to Serene. She invited you to join the Usagi PeroPero Club. [Talk]
Serene is inviting you to be a part of UPRPRC. [Neutral, after talk]
You accepted her invitation. Serene seemed happy. [Accept]
You declined her invitation. Serene respected your choice. [Decline]
Serene continues to watch her favorite anime. [Neutral, after Accept or Decline]

Serene is staring at you with a strange expression. [Ignore]
Serene is showing you something NSFW on her computer. [Ignore again]
Serene secretly thinks you're sexually incapable. [Ignore 3#]
Serene is no longer noticing you. What a shame! [Neutral, after 3 ignore]

It doesn't work. [Attack 1#]
It still doesn't work. [Attack 2#]
Serene gives you a bored look. [Attack 3#]
Serene has lowered her HP by 1 to satisfy you. [Attack 4#]
Serene is about to explode. [Attack 5#]
She doesn't want to talk with a rude person. [Talk after attack 3#]
It's too late to apologize. [Talk after attack 4+#]
You'd better go away while you still can. [Neutral, after attack 3+#]

You reap what you sow, <name>. [Game Over screen text after Attack 6#]
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Kids... Kids has been spreading C.A.N.C.E.R In the TF2 Universe... almost every player they talk to, shouts at them to shut the fuck up... but.. there is another way... It is known as.... The Legendary... "Mute Button" Those Whoever use it, can play in pe
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How stupid.

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