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Hentai Scientist Serene SPECIAL Lv. 6969 | 21, ♀
不留言的一律不加。| No comments = no adds.
我们说好不分离 :blaser: Trade Link
If I ignored your friend request or blocked you, you can click "more info".

I'll accept any friend request from anyone that meet at least 2 of these condition below:
:rbrb1:Your steam level is > 10.
:rbrb2:Your profile is public (if you're a trader your inv must be public too)
:rbrb3:We have at least 3 friends in common.
:rbrb4:I knew you or met you somewhere in game. If you meet this then it'll be accepted.
:rbrbr1:You've left a comment on my profile. I'll always ignore if you don't do this.
Usually I won't block people that easily, but in these cases, I'll block you for sure.
:rbrbr2:You've scammed me before.
:rbrbr3:Your rudeness and toxicity disgust me.
:rbrbu1:You're a scammer / impersonator.
:rbrbu2:You sent me some bullsh*t offers like 1 ref for my unusual.
:rbrbu3:You're spamming the chat with nonsense or suspicious links.
How to get unblock?
There's no unblock. So...
Geeettttttt dunked on!!! And don't come back.

* 有抑郁症病史,介意者慎加。
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Serene - pronounced /se'lene/
* Now playing: Rabi-Ribi Original Soundtrack - 38 Hi-Tech Duel [music.163.com]

:rbrbu2: * Please make sure you're talking / trading with the REAL me!
:correctamundo: Level 153
:correctamundo: Owner of an Arcana Tree
:correctamundo: Using an EXPENSIVE background
:correctamundo: 4+ years on steam
:correctamundo: Public inventory and profile and comment section (comments might be closed sometimes)
:correctamundo: A UPRPRC Member
:correctamundo: steamID: STEAM_0:1:96617533
:correctamundo: steamID3: [U:1:193235067]
:correctamundo: steamID64: 76561198153500795

:rbrbu3: * 人家只想好好玩游戏写音乐画画,闲暇时做一些 羞羞的 事情,仅此而已。
:rbrbu3: * 玩的很杂,平时喜欢舔兔兔。我在玩别的游戏(wallpaper engine除外)的时候请别邀我,谢谢。
:rbrbu3: * 留言什么的没啥兴趣,但一定会保证回访。
:rbrbu3: * 好友列表追求质量而非数量,会不定期清理。

L4D2 - 多半玩专家写专八特流感,偶尔死门。600小时以下慎入。
TF2 - Trade mostly. I play every class but I don't excel at any class, smh. Named “Mei” in game usually.
橙汁 - Speed 2 ONLY
Randomizer - Everything is random!
Purity - No events!
Fun Gang - No bullies!
$!$? Squad - All bullies!


:rbrb2: * Erina! You finally wake up!
:rbrb1: * Em... Did I sleep a whole day...?
:rbrbr1: * Yeah, but it's fine. You're severely worn out after that battle.
:rbrbr3: * Why no one care about Ribbon...? Darn...
:rbrb3: * Oh, there you are, Ribbon. The UPRPRC owes you a great debt! You and Erina did a pretty good job in that battle, you deserve our gratitude.
:rbrbr3: * ??? Huh?? I mean, Ribbon didn't do that much... All thanks to you guys.
:rbrb1: * So... What's going on now...? Did I do something pretty bad...?
:rbrb2: * No, not at all. We're all worried about you, you were exhausted after that furious fight...
:rbrbu1: * And Rumi has been sitting there for like half of a day...
:rbrb1: * Master... You really need some rest... I don't want you to get ill...
:rbrbu2: * That's exactly the reason why we come here, we don't want her to fall ill.
:rbrb2: * Thanks... But it's my responsibility, it's fine.
:rbrbu2: * Erina, you may still need some more rest. You're still not fully recovered.
:rbrbr2: * And the Idol orders you to stay in bed for a few days, at Rumi's request.
:rbrb1: * Can I at least walk around for a little bit...?
:rbrbr3: * Ribbon thinks it's fine, but don't walk like how you used to be, Ribbon wants Erina to recover fast.
:rbrbu1: * Ok, ok. Rumi, you really need some rest, leave here to us.
:rbrbu3: * We'll take care of Erina for sure!
:rbrb2: * Thank you so much, Rita, Saya, but as I said, it's my job, it's fine.
:rbrbr1: * But your sister and Erina don't want you to fall ill...
:rbrbr2: * So just let me take care of all these. The power of Glamourous Idol will surely help Erina recover!
:rbrbu2: * Eh, Seana, weren't you singing out there before?
:rbrbr2: * What? Erina is now very popular, so I come here, take care of Erina and make myself more popular!
:rbrb4: * Please don't speak out loud. Our patient doesn't need noise, so let me take care of these while you guys go outside and do something else or continue your aimless debate.
:rbrbr1: * No! I always want to sleep with Erina! I'm a TRUE bunny lover!! *gains Bunny Lover Buff*
:rbrbu1: * Miru, you've been staying with Erina for a long time, Can you spare Erina for us?
:rbrbu3: * Staying with Erina will make me noticeable, let me do this, will you?
:rbrb2: * Saya, you're already noticeable enough, so just -
:rbrb1: * Master... You won't fight again... will you?
:rbrbr2: * Let me be your personal doctor and they'll all shut up, what do you say?
:rbrbu2: * Nope. I say let's have an "Erina Challenge", the winner can stay with Erina for A WHOLE WEEK!
:rbrb2: * Em, Pandora, wasn't that Cicini's idea?
:rbrbr1: * Well, she doesn't have a emoticon, so -
:rbrbu2: * So this will be MY idea, of course!
:rbrbr3: * Nnnnngh Erina is so popular that no one debates about Ribbon...
:rbrb4: * I won't mind taking care of you two at once.
:rbrbu1: * Ashuri, you are not gonna do your research on them, are you?
:rbrbu3: * Let me stay with Erina, please...!!!
:rbrb3: * Rumi, now it's a good time to let me "stop making bombs"!!!
:rbrb2: * No! You can do that whenever you want, but not in this case!
:rbrb1: * I feel like you are going to have a furious battle... Please don't...
:rbrbu1: * Yeah, Erina is totally right, so let me -
:rbrbr2: * No! Let the IDOL be Erina's medic!
:rbrbr3: * Can you leave Erina and Ribbon alone...?
:rbrb4: * I'll do that if you two gladly accept my offer.
:rbrbu2: * OBJECTION! Abort! I should be the one!
:rbrbr1: * But I want Erina! And Ribbon, if she accepts...!
:rbrbu1: * Enough! Stop all these nonsense debate and -
:rbrb3: * Nooooo! Cocoa wants to learn how to take care of others...!
:rbrbu3: * ... Who in the world caused this debate?
:rbrb2: * Pandora I guess...?
:rbrbu2: * Then why don't you accept it? None of these would ever happen!
*Debate continues*
:rbrb1: * I think we should run away...
:rbrbr3: * Yes... Let's go, Erina.
*Erina and Ribbon run away*
:rbrbr2: * Quite please! Now, ladies and girls, the great "Xmas Erina Challenge" begins! Because these two are running away!
:rbrbu2: * Ha! That's the way you do it, Seana! Count me in!
:rbrbu1: * Fine! If it has to be like this, let's go to Azure Snow Land and commence a snowball fight! We may also have fun during Christmas!
:rbrb4: * That sounds like a plan to settle this! I totally agree!
:rbrbu3: * Well, don't forget me...!
:rbrbr2: * Wait, that place is pretty cold...! I might catch a cold...
:rbrbu2: * Come on, you can make yourself a big show at there, Seana!
:rbrb3: * Or you can just give up so we can have less adversaries.
:rbrbr2: * Nah, the Idol NEVER gives up, let's get this over with!
:rbrb2: * Darn it, all of you are like the original UPRPRC members... But if throwing snowballs can save my pet, I'll do it!
:rbrbr1: * Eh, let me take your place so you take some rest...
:rbrb2: * NO! I'm gonna join that fight personally!
:rbrb3: * Don't leave me out there! Wait for me!
*Every one rush out of town*
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1,580 Hours played
- "请用一句话形容此游戏。"
- "只要运气,不用技术。"
- "Please use one sentence to describe this game."
- "All luck, no skillz."

我的评测 / My Review

这里是几场单机的数据: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E11uz9Jszi59Hzx_DG-jwmEACuZetBrdTd55S0Y4JD0/edit?usp=sharing
NOTE: All CPU players are HACKER. They'll always roll 5 or 6 regardless of the difficulty.
Here's the data from some single player games: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E11uz9Jszi59Hzx_DG-jwmEACuZetBrdTd55S0Y4JD0/edit?usp=sharing
Players have an overall higher chance to roll 1 2 3, please fix your RNG.

You'll need 99% skill and 1% luck to win in this game.

But your luck is much more essential than your skill.

You may disagree with my opinion. But I'm pretty sure that you'll finally change your mind after encountering one of these situations.

1. 就算闪避+4也躲不掉别人5的攻击(而且你还被KO了);
1. You fail to evade an attack of 5 even if you have additional +4 EVD (and you are KO'd);

2. 用了加速卡片也不能追上并解决一个残血的对手;
2. You fail to catch up with and finish off an opponent who has low HP even if using cards like "Dash!".

3. 假设你和另一个玩家(姑且叫他Alpha)已满足胜利的条件(200颗星或者14胜),并且你离自己家很近,而Alpha离自己家很远但是离别人家很近。Alpha先扔骰子,结果刚好在别人家里停下获胜。
3. Assuming you and one player (we'll call him Alpha) have met the requirement for the final norma (200 stars or 14 wins), and you are very close to your homebase while Alpha is far away from his own one but near another player's one. Alpha rolls dice first, and he "accidently" stops at another player's homebase and wins the game.

4. 自己满血结果被别人一血反杀(当然对手不是Syura)。
4. You're KO'd by an opponent (any character except Syura) who has only 1 HP (and you're even at full HP, and of course, you attack first).

5. 奖励时丢1,惩罚时丢6(想想在x2奖励上面扔两个1和x2惩罚上面扔两个6的感觉,真是想砸电脑)。
5. You always roll 1 on Bonus Panels and roll 6 on Drop Panels (Just think about rolling 1+1 on x2 bonus and 6+6 on x2 drop, it's bloody RIDICULOUS).

6. 在惩罚格上面跟人战斗,战斗里面两次都是1而惩罚的时候就是6。
6. You're fighting against someone on Drop Panel, you rolled 1 in that battle but you rolled 6 for drop.

7. 残血时总是走到战斗格或者别人前面一两格。
7. You always walk into Encounter Panels (or Boss Panels) or someplace where your opponent can easily catch you when you're low on HP.

8. 想追别人就是追不上,而且别人还疯狂扔6拉开距离。
8. Each time you try to catch someone, you roll 1 while your prey keeps rolling 6 to run away.

9. 前期疯狂挨虐的玩家到了后期突然屠服。
9. The player who gets rekt in early games suddenly steamrolls everyone at the end.

That's all I guess. Don't take those wins or loses seriously (ignore this if in campaign, keep losing in the same stage is really annoying). It's pretty much a fun to play with friends.

I only play speed 2 because rushing isn't really my style. I want to enjoy the game rather than farming orange and stuff.

A funny fact: Poppo always wins.
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Eh, not really looking to sell, it's just a showcase.

:rbrb3: * Welcome to Cocoa's little shop!
:rbrb3: * Please spare the poor catgirl some money so she won't be begging Rumi for dinner!
:rbrb3: * Offering on other stuff is fine! But lowballing is not allowed! Or the fi*nyan*cially-challenged cat will permanently ban you from her shop!
:rbrb3: * Oh yeah, she does buy things, as long as she likes it or a good discount appears.
:rbrb3: * Also selling card set from Rabi-Ribi! 20 ref / 5000 gems per set or 1.66 ref / 400 gems per card! Foil ones are not for sale!
:rbrb3: * Profile artwork? No thank you. Unless you can draw something like my avatar.
:rbrb3: * She does do some quicksell if necessary, but she'll only sell to bots, unless humans pay at least 20% more than bots.
:rbrb3: * You want her to do overpay for your stuff? Get the heck outta here.
:rbrb3: * Currently collecting foil cards from Rabi-Ribi (15/15).

Trading Preference
Pure > Australiums, Promo & Strange Festive Weapons > Unusual hats (Halloween preferred) > Downgrades > Unusual Weapons (Cool preferred) & Taunts (Fountain of Delight preferred) > Collector's Items

Killstreaker Preference
I care more about killstreak effects, for example, I prefer Fire Horns + Mean Green rather than Tornado + Team Shine.

Offering me a festivized weapon while telling me it's a festive weapon will get you blocked.

Current stock of normal Rabi-Ribi cards:
Erina x7
Ribbon x14
Cocoa x11
Ashuri x9
Rumi x11
Rita x7
Cicini x9
Syaro x10
Kotri x13
Irisu x16
Pandora x9
Miriam x12
Aruraune x12
Seana x15
Lilith x15

:rbrbr2: * Promise we can meet
:rbrbr2: * underneath the lonely tree
:rbrbr2: * When I had no one
:rbrbr2: * you cared about me
:rbrbr2: * When we were far apart
:rbrbr2: * I always knew
:rbrbr2: * You'll be there for me
:rbrbr2: * I'll be there for you

There're 3 Arcana Tree in this world.

The first one is level 8, which I haven't found its presence up to now.
The second one is level 28 [backpack.tf], owned by this man .
The last one is level 46 [backpack.tf], right here, right now and right where it belongs. Not really looking to sell so I will only consider offers above 350 pure or 500+ in unusual. No taunts, weapons and 2018 hats of course. If you aren't serious, please don't even add me for negotiation, I don't have time to negotiate for an offer I have no interest.

"Take care of my old arcana tree ;3; it has a good home now:bolt:"
- ZeroPC , one of its original owner

Rejected offers on my Arcana Tree:
195 pure (not enough)
Scorching Flames Winter Woodsman (overpriced)
Hellfire A Rather Festive Tree (not enough)
Omniscient Orb Prehistoric Pullover (unpriced)
Clairvoyance Chill Chullo + Aces High Sober Stuntman (clearly lowball, blocked)
Sunbeams Cotton Head (overpriced)

Here's a saaaaaad story about me.
I was a moderate trader before, and I met a guy called gr33ny.
We did cash trades, he went first and I sent him items.
Everything went quite well, we made a lot of trades.
Until one day, he wanted me to go first.
I know I shouldn't do that, but we did a lot of trade and nothing went wrong, so I approved.
First time he told me he had no enough money, and he returned the unusual, and I guess he used this to gain my trust.
So the second time he just ran away with the unusual, blocked me, leaving me heart-broken.
And then I started hurting myself with knife, to punish myself for being naive and stupid.
A few days later my plan of suicide was spotted by my parents, then I was sent to hospital, and I was diagnosed with depression, which I'm still suffering from.
And I've changed a lot from the old me.
"You can apologize, and I can reject it."
"I'm very sorry..."
"Sorry won't bring everything back."
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Kids... Kids has been spreading C.A.N.C.E.R In the TF2 Universe... almost every player they talk to, shouts at them to shut the fuck up... but.. there is another way... It is known as.... The Legendary... "Mute Button" Those Whoever use it, can play in pe
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Saint Bundo Jan 19 @ 10:18pm 
Added to disscuss
CoachShan Jan 10 @ 4:36pm 
Your Summer Shades aren't even remotely close to 20 keys as there is nothing different or special about it, you NEED to reprice that, more or less because no one is going to pay 20 keys for a 15 ref item.
Like This ! Jan 9 @ 6:20am 
your trade link broken
CouchPotato Jan 7 @ 3:08am 
Howdy, i am interested in your Strange Professional Killstreak Original.
cassius Jan 6 @ 8:05pm 
cool, thanks a bunch.
[UPRPRC] Serene♪ Jan 6 @ 8:01pm 
Yeah it's fine.