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:rbrbu3: * 不留言不加。

I don't like to be added by people I don't know at all. So I'll probably ask why you add me even if you already left comment on my profile.

If you are NOT fine with that, I'd rather appreciate it if you stay away from me.

If you have any interest in my backgrounds, emoticons, TF2 or CSGO stuff, leave a comment or contact me before spamming offers.
Trading cards are not usually for sale.

Acceleration of SUGURI 2 Collection
:aos2iru: * I can hit you from anywhere.
:aos2kae: * Let's play our lives away!
:aos2nanako: * No matter what, you can't escape my Bits.
:aos2kyoko: * You call that a trap?
:aos2saki: * Have a cookie!
:aos2sham: * If you insist on staying here, I'll take you back no matter how!
:aos2sora: * I'll commence... my operation now.
:aos2sumika: * (TBD)
:aos2tsih: * >w<
Sora Collection
:alte: * I'm sorry... I can't make it back...
:hime: * I don't like doing this sort of thing.
:suguri: * I'm accelerating.
:mira: * (TBD)
:nath: * It's my job to kill you.
:sb: * Because I'm Star Breaker, the blasting fuse to the world's end.
:sham: * The most important thing is, make it back here alive.
:sora: * I'd rather appreciate it if you dropped your weapons.
:tsih: * (TBD)
QP Shooting & Xmas Shooting Collection
:rabu: * Hooray! It worth so much stars!
:fruit: * Eat it!
:fbat: * (TBD)
:rbit: * Formation Orbit!
:xkiriko: * Just hold still, I'll fix you up real quick.
:xmei: * Aren't you too serious about this game? You're so da... I mean, far too immature.
:xnatsumi: * Let's have supper together.
Rabi-Ribi Collection
:rbrb1: * TBD.
:rbrb2: * TBD.
:rbrb3: * TBD.
:rbrb4: * TBD.
:rbrbr1: * TBD.
:rbrbr2: * TBD.
:rbrbr3: * TBD.
:rbrbu1: * TBD.
:rbrbu2: * TBD.
:rbrbu3: * TBD.
Corona Blossom Collection
:lily_cb1: * TBD.
:shino_cb1: * TBD.
:kumiko_cb2: * TBD.
:rne_cb2: * TBD.
:shino_cb2: * TBD.
:yunie_cb2: * TBD.
:kumiko_cb3: * TBD.
:shino_cb3: * TBD.
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我的评测 / My Review

NOTE: Since all CPU players can roll 6 at some key situations that really get you annoyed, you're recommended to join online games for better experience. I've been doing tests with CPU players. Someday I'll show you those results and tell you how "fair" the RNG is.

You'll need 99% skill and 1% luck to win in this game.

But your luck is much more essential than your skill.

You may disagree with my opinion. But I'm pretty sure that you'll finally change your mind after encountering one of these situations.

1. 就算闪避+4也躲不掉别人5的攻击(而且你还被KO了);
1. You fail to evade an attack of 5 even if you have additional +4 EVD (and you are KO'd);

2. 用了加速卡片也不能追上并解决一个残血的对手;
2. You fail to catch up with and finish off an opponent who has low HP even if using cards like "Dash!".

3. 假设你和另一个玩家(姑且叫他Alpha)已满足胜利的条件(200颗星或者14胜),并且你离自己家很近,而Alpha离自己家很远但是离别人家很近。Alpha先扔骰子,结果刚好在别人家里停下获胜。
3. Assuming you and one player (we'll call him Alpha) have met the requirement for the final norma (200 stars or 14 wins), and you are very close to your homebase while Alpha is far away from his own one but near another player's one. Alpha rolls dice first, and he "accidently" stops at another player's homebase and wins the game.

4. 自己满血结果被别人一血反杀(当然对手不是Syura)。
4. You're KO'd by an opponent (any character except Syura) who has only 1 HP (and you're even at full HP, and of course, you attack first).

5. 奖励时丢1,惩罚时丢6(想想在x2奖励上面扔两个1和x2惩罚上面扔两个6的感觉,真是想砸电脑)。
5. You always roll 1 on Bonus Panels and roll 6 on Drop Panels (Just think about rolling 1+1 on x2 bonus and 6+6 on x2 drop, it's bloody RIDICULOUS).

6. 在惩罚格上面跟人战斗,战斗里面两次都是1而惩罚的时候就是6。
6. You're fighting against someone on Drop Panel, you rolled 1 in that battle but you rolled 6 for drop.

7. 残血时总是走到战斗格或者别人前面一两格。
7. You always walk into Encounter Panels (or Boss Panels) or someplace where your opponent can easily catch you when you're low on HP.

That's all I guess. Don't take those wins or loses seriously (ignore this if in campaign, keep losing in the same stage is really annoying). It's pretty much a fun to play with friends.

One last thing, no matter how unlucky you are in the early games (for example, keep rolling poorly in battle and bonus), please don't ragequit and please stay determined. As long as the game still continues, you'll finally get the chance to turn the table. If you're in single player game, RAGEQUIT AT WILL.
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:rbrbu2: * I won't get scammed that easily.

Collecting trading cards, backgrounds and emoticons from galgames...

The sh*thole I'll never forget.
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This guide details the available commands for my Admin System mod. If you have any questions or are having problems getting a command to work, please let me know and I'd be happy to assist you.

The mod can be found on both [ url=
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Poppo always wins.
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This mod will give AK-47 the LOUD and POWERFUL firing sound from CS1.6.


I don't take requests, sry.
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