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Who am I? Just a guy who interest in shooting games and some good ol' masterpieces, also interesting in historical contents from certain video games and make historical REVIEWS for them.
You can read them and write a comment if you like. But you also can give me a correction if I were wrong at some point, and it would be so grateful if you provide me sources or links of the corrected information also! :D

If anyone want to talk with me personally, please just add me as a friend and leave a message ;)

Also, my English is not quite fluent.. but don't worry, I'm keep trying to improve it! :steamhappy:

PS. I'm making mods for COD WaW with one of my modder friend:
1) Pacific Theater
2) Fall Of Berlin
3) Vendetta: Darkest Days
4) Ring of Steel: Abandon All Hope

You can check all of them from here:

In order to play for the authenticity:
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FeReise Nov 18 @ 2:00am 
Andreas444 Nov 17 @ 9:12am 
Can I add you,to talk more in private about the mods?
FeReise Jun 11 @ 2:07am 
@Sneaky Beefy Thank you so much! :steamhappy: If you have any suggestion or question, feel free to leave it on the comment section in my review page.
Sneaky Beefy Jun 10 @ 11:30pm 
Really great reviews man
FeReise Jun 9 @ 12:07am 
@TevoTFM Kinda agree with that. By overall it's look like they put a lesser effort in making this game, apart from artworks and soundtracks.
TevoTFM Jun 8 @ 10:52pm 
The campaign is like a parody of what Company of Heroes used to be. I started playing the game like two weeks ago and I really feel how cartoonish the Soviet campaign is.