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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Dec 25, 2015 @ 6:20pm

The Bread Baron

Stay airborne for over 5 seconds on any mode except Zero Gravity
Unlocked Dec 25, 2015 @ 6:18pm


Spill the salt
Unlocked Jan 12, 2016 @ 11:01am

I Am Dead

Become inedible

Cool Story, Dough

Get an A++ on a Story level

A Wedge Between Us

Get an A++ on a Cheese Hunt level

Always Baguetting Better

Get an A++ on a Rampage level

The Best Around

Get an A++ on a Bagel Race level

The Flour is Strong With This Bun

Get an A++ on a Zero Gravity level

The End is Rye

Complete all Story levels


Complete all Cheese Hunt levels

Rye Hard

Complete all Rampage levels

Good All-Rounder

Complete all Bagel Race levels

One Giant Leap for Naankind

Complete all Zero Gravity levels


Get an A++ on all Story levels


Get an A++ on all Cheese Hunt levels

The Rye of the Tiger

Get an A++ on all Rampage levels

High Roller

Get an A++ on all Bagel Race levels

The Final Buntier

Get an A++ on all Zero Gravity levels

Fresh Slice

Finish a Story level with 100% edibility without using the Magic Marmalade


Finish a Cheese Hunt level with 100% integrity


Finish a Zero Gravity level using less than 100 fuel

Bready for Anything

Finish a Story level using Magic Marmalade

You Jelly?

Finish a Story level with both sides covered in jam

The Walking Bread

Finish a Story level with less than 1% edibility

Shadough of the Colossus

Climb atop the Garbage Truck on Story mode

Picky Eater

Use more than one heat source to toast yourself in a single Story run

Doughny Hawk

Stand upright on the skateboard and ride it for 1 meter as the Wholemeal bread

All Buttered Up

Finish a Story level with both sides covered in butter

Bread Leader

Take out the Starch Destroyer

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